Definition of osso buco in US English:

osso buco


  • An Italian dish made with veal shank containing marrowbone, stewed in wine with vegetables and seasonings.

    • ‘The Italians have osso bucco with its famed marrow center: In France, tête de veau, consommé en gelée, and the like are considered classics.’
    • ‘I came over all Tuscan, opting for veal osso bucco with braised vegetables and red wine sauce, citrus creamed potatoes and pavé of dried fruits.’
    • ‘But for red-meat lovers, the osso buco and the aged strip sirloin are true pleasers, the latter even more impressive for the price.’
    • ‘The food's not as good either - the veal tastes like a hockey puck next to your osso buco or piccata.’
    • ‘Then make a stop for lunch at the rustic yet stylish Santi Restaurant, where osso buco is a specialty.’
    • ‘And a seasoned steak is fine but no match for the other plates at the table, like the succulent rotisserie lamb resting on fragrantly herbed polenta or tearably good osso bucco with an added bonus of brilliantly full-flavored faro.’
    • ‘Followed by home-made tagliardi with porcini mushrooms and then turbot, liver or osso buco.’
    • ‘As my experience of veal is mostly limited to schnitzel and osso bucco, this dish was a surprise.’
    • ‘Also a cold-weather comfort is Sorrento's tender osso buco in another light, bright tomato sauce, one that is about as delicate as a tomato sauce gets.’
    • ‘The only relative letdown among the entrées was the osso bucco.’
    • ‘Ordering the osso bucco was a high-risk decision.’
    • ‘A few of the big meat dishes, like the rack of venison and a slow-braised veal osso buco, seemed strangely subdued, although the rack of lamb, when I ordered it a second time, was perfectly charred.’
    • ‘Another outstanding dish is the osso buco served with crispy Italian saffron rice and a small garnish of broccoli.’
    • ‘The cooking is done mainly by mine host John, in the true ‘family’ manner, where father does the BBQ on Sundays, and he rotates the main dishes through items such as coq au vin, osso bucco, beef bourguignonne and several pastas and pizzas.’
    • ‘There's fish soup on Wednesdays, homemade gnocchi on Thursdays and osso bucco alla milanese on Saturdays.’
    • ‘And to get a thick slab of osso bucco that fell softly from the bone with a risotto of perfect pitch between firm and sloppy was a rare treat.’
    • ‘Would I make my famous osso buco or my scrumptious eggplant Parmesan?’
    • ‘Both osso buco and the lamb shank are supposed to be peasant dishes in which low-cost cuts of meat are infused with flavor and elevated by hours of cooking, and neither of these are that.’
    • ‘But the Limousin veal loin with an edible dutch cap of mushed osso bucco was an arch, forced, elbows-off-the-table concoction.’
    • ‘How about an opulent, cinnamon-scented stew of osso buco simmered with caramelized onions and prunes?’


Italian, literally ‘marrowbone’.


osso buco

/ˌäsō ˈbo͝okō/