Definition of Osmanli in US English:


noun & adjective

  • old-fashioned term for Ottoman
    • ‘The history of rise and decay repeated itself after the Osmanli Turks appeared on the scene.’
    • ‘Under the leadership of the Osmanli Turks, Islam launched two subsequent attempts to conquer Europe - in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.’
    • ‘Among the many revolts in Bosnia against the bureaucratic rule of the Osmanli Turks that of 1830-31 under Hussein Aga deserves mention of the revolts in Herzegovina that of 1875.’
    • ‘Of the ten local emirates, or kingdoms, that arose in Turkish Anatolia after the Seljuq's disintegration, one quickly came to pre-eminence: that of Osman, who ruled in northwestern Anatolia and founded the Osmanli or Ottoman dynasty.’
    • ‘The Ottomans or Osmanlis established themselves in north-western Anatolia, expanding at the expense of Byzantium and the Italian trading colonies of the Aegean shores.’


Turkish, from the name Osman, from Arabic ‘uṯmān (see Ottoman), + the adjectival suffix -li.