Definition of Oscar winner in US English:

Oscar winner


  • A person who has won an Academy Award.

    ‘it was a pleasure to see those two Oscar winners work together’
    • ‘The Oscar winner for "The Miracle Worker" (1962) had an inauspicious start in movies in the 1950s where she was a starlet at 20th Century-Fox.’
    • ‘A word of advice to future Oscar winners: Don't begin Oscar day by going to church.’
    • ‘She was in good company, sharing the screen with another future Oscar winner: Lee Marvin.’
    • ‘But fret not Tarantino fans, as the Oscar winner did indicate that he might be down, but he's certainly not out.’
    • ‘The two-time Oscar winner had been a nuisance to every police jurisdiction in Los Angeles County.’
    • ‘His father abandoned his mother (Oscar winner Rita Moreno) and four siblings at a young age.’
    • ‘Susan Sarandon, Oscar winner for Dead Man Walking, needs no introduction.’
    • ‘Anna Paquin is an Oscar winner, and her role was originally written to be more substantial than what ended up in the final cut.’
    • ‘However, During World War II, Oscar winners were presented with statues made from plaster instead of gold, in public recognition of the war effort.’
    • ‘During his successful career in Hollywood, the 52-year-old Oscar winner has developed some pretty solid relationships with an impressive group of stars.’