Definition of orthopteran in US English:



  • An insect of the order Orthoptera, such as a grasshopper or cricket.

    • ‘Thus, they appear to be specialized morphologically and their long, deep bill may facilitate the capture of large, fleeing prey (e.g. spiders, orthopterans, and geckos) that are uncovered under the leaf litter.’
    • ‘These include large numbers of cockroaches, crickets, other orthopterans and large moths, as well as geckos and other lizards.’
    • ‘More than half of the arthropods were spiders, followed by coleopterans, orthopterans, and homopterans.’
    • ‘Indeed, I have not seen a smooth green snake in southern Michigan in the past twenty-five years and wonder if it is not because pesticides have killed off the little orthopteran insects and spiders that are the mainstay of this snake's diet.’
    • ‘Cicadas, orthopterans (crickets, katydids, and grasshoppers), and anurans (frogs and toads) are among the animals that Darwin described as having ‘musical powers.’’


  • Relating to or denoting orthopterans.

    • ‘Signal duration and pulse rate are important for female choice, for example, in orthopteran calls but also in some other insects, and even in spiders.’
    • ‘In other orthopteran species (Tettigoniidae), the duration of ampulla attachment is correlated with female intercopulatory interval.’
    • ‘Orthopteran weight was significantly correlated with blueness on the rump but not with blueness on the breast.’
    • ‘The body fossil record of arthropods in the Chinle Formation is limited to beetle elytra and a few poorly preserved wings of orthopteran insects.’
    • ‘To ensure that we used biologically meaningful parameter estimates in our model, we used literature values for orthopteran species whenever possible.’