Definition of ort in English:



archaic, dialect
  • A scrap or remainder of food from a meal.

    • ‘Lambs were allowed ad libitum access to water and were fed daily at ca. 0845 h. Lambs readily consumed their diet, and no orts were collected.’
    • ‘Diets were fed once daily in the morning, and orts were weighed on d 28 during the receiving phase and every 28 d thereafter in the finishing phase.’
    • ‘Food intake was calculated daily by subtracting the dried orts (uneaten food) from the amount of food offered every day.’
    • ‘Meals were individually weighed for each horse, and all orts were collected, weighed, and recorded prior to the next meal.’
    • ‘Total feed offered, orts, and feces were weighed and sampled daily.’


Late Middle English: from Middle Low German orte food remains originally a compound of which the second element is related to eat.