Definition of Oromo in US English:



  • 1A member of the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia.

    • ‘The author presents both African Americans and Oromos as ‘players in the global system,’ and he ‘strives to make them aware of each other’.’
    • ‘It was involved in a series of civil wars against separatist movements of Eritreans and Tigrayans, as well as the Oromos and Somalis.’
    • ‘People from Ethiopia's largest ethnic group, the Oromo, gather at villages, dotting lakes and scenic mountains to celebrate.’
    • ‘Others, like Bekele, who was born on 13 June 1982, are Oromos, the country's largest ethnic group.’
    • ‘The Oromo are the largest tribe in Ethiopia, and have long wanted to establish their own country.’
    • ‘However it's for a long time that the Oromo have been here, thirty years in fact, since the Oromo have been fleeing their homeland and resettling in Western countries like Australia, Norway, Canada and the USA.’
    • ‘Yet another movement claimed to represent the Oromo, Ethiopia's most populous group.’
    • ‘Great Britain, France, and Italy supported the Ethiopian colonization of Oromos.’
    • ‘The Oromos tradition of decorating horses is reflected in both old paintings and in today's painted grave markers.’
    • ‘The largest group in Ethiopia, sometimes estimated at 40% of the population, are the Oromo, relative newcomers from Somalia.’
    • ‘Resistance to Amhara dominance resulted in various separatist movements, particularly in Eritrea and among the Oromo.’
  • 2The Cushitic language of the Oromo.

    • ‘However, the most commonly spoken languages in Ethiopia are Amharic and Oromo.’


  • Relating to the Oromo or their language.

    • ‘The Cushitic family of languages are spoken by the Oromo peoples, the largest group in the central regions of Ethiopia.’
    • ‘In Melbourne, many families support relatives who cannot join them due to the current immigration laws and the fact that not all Oromo people are accepted as refugees.’
    • ‘Moving on to a different celebration, the colorful festivities of the Oromo people.’
    • ‘A former Italian colony who never gained independence and whose peoples are subject to severe genital mutilation by Ethiopian government forces who also have banned Oromo language and political organisations.’
    • ‘In her discussion of dress and ethnic identity among a variety of Ethiopian groups, Peri Klemm described how Oromo spirit mediums use adornment and body modification to attract and repel spirits.’
    • ‘Boof claims she was born Naima Alu Kolbookek on the Nile to Egyptian archaeologist Atmu Bahri Kolbookek and his only wife Jiddi, a blue-black Gisi-Waaq princess of Somalia's Oromo nomads.’
    • ‘But because of religious conversion to Islam and other cultural influences, some Oromo men marry more than one wife (a practice known as polygyny).’
    • ‘On Tuesday 24 August the event focuses on Ethiopian writers such as Shantam Shubisa, who is also an internationally recognised singer from the Oromo tribe in Ethiopia.’


The name in Oromo. Another name is Galla, which is not favored by the Oromo themselves and is regarded as pejorative.