Definition of orogeny in US English:



  • A process in which a section of the earth's crust is folded and deformed by lateral compression to form a mountain range.

    ‘present rates of denudation and orogeny’
    count noun ‘the Hercynian and Alpine orogenies’
    • ‘Around Britain a series of deep seismic traverses has revealed many of the structures produced during the Caledonian orogeny and other earth movements that are continued out over the continental shelf.’
    • ‘Granitoids are abundant in the Iberian Massif, and result from melting of the continental crust thickened during the Variscan orogeny.’
    • ‘The Dalradian rocks in Arran were initially folded during the Caledonian orogeny into a recumbent structure known as the Aberfoyle synform.’
    • ‘Together with the Appalachian, Caledonian and Variscan orogens, the Uralian orogeny contributed to the assembly of the late Palaeozoic supercontinent of Pangaea.’
    • ‘The tectonic events began with the Penobscottian orogeny in the Cambrian Period that affected northwestern to north-central Maine.’