Definition of orogenic in US English:



  • See orogeny

    • ‘It is suggested that the emplacement of most post-tectonic plutons of this part of the Variscan orogenic belt may have been controlled by the late extensional collapse of the Iberian Massif.’
    • ‘The Uralide orogen differs from other Palaeozoic orogenic belts in that it has a crustal root, which appears to be absent in the Caledonide, Variscide and Appalachian orogens.’
    • ‘Previous work that indicates Late Cretaceous Palaeogene orogenic activity is presented first.’
    • ‘Recent studies of Proterozoic orogenic belts have shown that they may be underlain, at mid to lower crustal levels, by keels of Archaean crust.’
    • ‘This event is also associated with production of late orogenic granite magma.’