Definition of orneriness in US English:



North American
  • See ornery

    • ‘Jerry, with rare orneriness, pointed out that Victor had never clearly explained how to navigate.’
    • ‘Our own actions, in contrast, are influenced by familial, social, economic, historical, technological and cultural forces - not to mention sheer orneriness and whim.’
    • ‘The shorter and colder days are causing a setting-in of impending-winter orneriness around the house.’
    • ‘It's about orneriness and crotchetiness and the petty conservativism of people who regard themselves as guardians of some sort of literary establishment but haven't really got a very good eye for syntactic generalizations.’
    • ‘It is as if all the ingredients of the Telluride stew - bluegrass and blues, mellowness and orneriness, ballet and snowboarding, urbanism and rurality, normality and freakishness - cancel one another out.’