Definition of originator in US English:



  • A person who creates or initiates something.

    ‘Wegener was the originator of the theory of continental drift’
    • ‘If Edison was the originator of the fiction film, they were the fathers of documentary.’
    • ‘One of the most useful tools for looking at a belief system is to look at the founder or originator.’
    • ‘The originators of these information products are solely responsible for their content.’
    • ‘Like Peter, he has assimilated hip-hop culture to the extent that he now talks and dresses like the mainly American originators of the culture he strives to emulate.’
    • ‘However, as pointed out by the originators of motivational interviewing, giving advice is rarely effective in changing selfcare practices.’
    inventor, creator, architect, author, prime mover, father, mother, maker, initiator, innovator, founder, pioneer, mastermind, discoverer, establisher, developer, designer
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