Definition of originality in English:



  • 1The ability to think independently and creatively.

    ‘a writer of great originality’
    • ‘The draughtsmanship is precise, with just enough deviation to liberate the artist's verve and originality.’
    • ‘Most employers I have dealt with don't like originality or anything creative in their employees.’
    • ‘My interest in creativity and originality might lead me to take pride in developing a more complicated theory.’
    • ‘I'm ashamed by the lack of creativity and originality from our broadcasters.’
    • ‘The competitors will be judged on vocal talent, appearance, originality of performance and stage presence.’
    • ‘It was, however, for his skill and originality as an inventor that he was best known.’
    • ‘Creative originality should form another link in the great chain of human achievement.’
    • ‘Your originality and creativity are expressed when you decide to redecorate home and office spaces.’
    • ‘There is often a focus on creativity and originality, and methods can be adapted as needed.’
    • ‘His sheer originality and overwhelming talent guarantees that there is no other performer like him.’
    • ‘We become entranced and lose our identity, our abilities and our originality.’
    • ‘For Lefschetz, independent thinking and originality were what mattered in mathematical research.’
    • ‘The aim of these awards is to reward originality, quality and creativity in entertainment programmes.’
    • ‘Judges placed high value on entries that demonstrated imagination, originality and flair.’
    • ‘At that point, you just want people to appreciate your creativity and originality.’
    • ‘There is no cohesive link between the artists - except for quality and originality.’
    • ‘Here, in other words, is a nightmare vision of a world without originality, verve, spirit or love.’
    • ‘Worse than those artists who don't try hard enough are those who try, all right, but lack the talent or originality to pull it off.’
    • ‘You are ambitious and can further your career with powerful energy, originality and creativity.’
    • ‘Tao Lin is also working on a novel, one which shows definite signs of originality.’
    initiative, resourcefulness, resource, imagination, imaginativeness, ingenuity, inventiveness, creativity
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    1. 1.1 The quality of being novel or unusual.
      ‘he congratulated her on the originality of her costume’
      • ‘I also know she has such a unique take on things and so she brought originality to the character that we might not have had if someone else had played it.’
      • ‘Most had youthful females, and vied with each other for originality and daring in their costumes.’
      • ‘The power and originality of his thought show a unique philosophical mind and many would be happy to call him a genius.’
      • ‘At this stage Eden showed few signs of distinction or originality.’
      • ‘What this ride lacks in originality it more than makes up for in quality.’
      • ‘Although styles changed over the years, artistic innovation and originality were not sought.’
      • ‘I'm completely astounded by the originality and the quality of the entries for the parade.’
      • ‘The originality and uniqueness of the play mean that that the actors seem to enjoy being in it which all adds up to a thoroughly amusing performance.’
      • ‘Quality to scientists tends to mean originality of subject, thought, and method.’
      • ‘The songs brim over with innovation, originality and unexpected twists - oh, and violins.’
      • ‘The image was changed to a stick figure, but it also lost its originality and distinctiveness.’
      • ‘Works which, with originality and wit, redefine the way we distinguish high art and popular culture.’
      • ‘What matters most, is the quality of carving, originality and a charming subject.’
      • ‘An hour later we were still stumbling and fumbling through the trees and the quality and originality of our cursing had to be heard to be believed.’
      • ‘Do you want to pick up a new novel and be blown away by the originality of the design?’
      • ‘All this makes him a unique mover and contributes to the originality of his choreography.’
      • ‘He succeeds in both originality and quality, striking a near perfect harmony between song, script and cast.’
      • ‘Something that holds true to the franchise yet still manages to hold its own in originality and delivers a sense of freshness while playing.’
      • ‘Professional projects are exciting and creative, inviting innovation and originality.’
      • ‘They have rigidly stuck to the same formula, devoid of originality or innovation, and bored everyone silly in the process.’
      inventiveness, ingenuity, creativeness, creativity, innovativeness, innovation, novelty, newness, freshness, imagination, imaginativeness, break with tradition, resourcefulness, cleverness, daring, individuality, unusualness, unconventionality, unprecedentedness, uniqueness, distinctiveness
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