Definition of organogenesis in US English:


(also organogeny)


  • The production and development of the organs of an animal or plant.

    • ‘During the next 9 days before birth, organogenesis continues, as in the chick, and the embryo grows in size.’
    • ‘In higher plants, organogenesis is not limited to embryonic development but continues throughout the life of the plant.’
    • ‘This research can also be viewed alongside a more recent article in the science journal PNAS, which reports on research using embryonic pig cells for organogenesis.’
    • ‘In citrus, epicotyl and internodal stem segments have been widely used to regenerate plants via organogenesis.’
    • ‘The first 12 weeks of pregnancy are a time of organogenesis and heightened fetal vulnerability to teratogens.’
    • ‘Several genes whose patterns of expression are altered by retinoic acid are involved in the earliest processes of embryogenesis including the differentiation of the three germ layers, organogenesis and limb development.’