Definition of organizer in US English:


(British organiser)


  • 1A person who organizes.

    ‘the organizers of the demonstration’
    ‘he worked as a union organizer all around the state of New Jersey’
    • ‘The organizers are hoping to receive great assistance from the local community and businesses.’
    • ‘He continued, saying event organizers should appreciate an artist's achievements.’
    • ‘The protest organisers are asking fans to take along banners, horns and whistles.’
    • ‘She's a great organiser and was instrumental in the success of this year's festival.’
    • ‘Therefore it would be illegal to sell fireworks to anyone other than the organisers of an official event.’
    • ‘The branch organiser also tends to arrange venues depending on whether we think we'll win or lose.’
    • ‘On the strength of this showing, the event's organizers have decided to make it an annual affair.’
    • ‘I have been working very closely with the display organisers for four months.’
    • ‘Event organisers today called for nominations from across the industry for the wide range of classes.’
    • ‘Activities organiser Pam, who runs the group, said the benefits of picking up a paint-brush or pencil were clear to see.’
    • ‘And then can you appeal to organizers to keep events free at future festivals?’
    • ‘On the grassy banks of the lake, I settle into a chair provided by the event organizers.’
    • ‘As our activity organizer, she knew how to find fun things to do.’
    • ‘This is itself a reflection of the desire by the organisers of this event to be recognised internationally.’
    • ‘He says the authors have received no negative feedback - but the conference organizers have refunded their fee.’
    • ‘Mom was an anti-nuke activist, a union organizer, a feminist and a single mother.’
    • ‘We gave them sheets explaining why we want fireworks to be sold only to organisers of licensed events.’
    • ‘The Summit is a collaborative project and the organizers welcome your input on the agenda.’
    • ‘Although Straightliners is a bike event, organizers stress that all vehicles are welcome.’
    • ‘Event organiser Dr Chris Lane took time out from his hectic schedule to watch the junior fell runners cross the line.’
    • ‘When she retired about four years ago, Ruth Loft and Sue Sharples took over as joint organisers.’
    administrator, manager, chairman, chairwoman, chairperson, chair, head, chief, boss, principal, leader, governor, president, premier
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  • 2A thing used for organizing.

    • ‘It's a similar process to synchronizing a handheld organizer with your PC.’
    • ‘Paper models of computers and hand-held organizers have now become standard offering fare.’
    • ‘It is implemented in almost every laptop computer and palm-sized organizer on the market.’
    • ‘Palm organizers and Pocket PC devices are being tested in a small but growing number of schools.’
    • ‘Apple may also be working on a handheld organizer or digital camera, analysts said.’
    • ‘His home computer and palm-top organiser were examined and electronically searched.’
    • ‘It's an organizer, a cell phone, high-speed Internet connection all in the palm of your hand.’
    • ‘The winning design was a rotating organizer, the losing design a storage table with a top that folds open.’
    • ‘Several of the larger tax software packages now come with an electronic version of their organizer.’
    • ‘The organiser has tools in it for simple image editing, as well as organising.’
    • ‘Dubbed the digital organiser, the tiny machine promised to change our lives forever.’
    genius, mind, intellect, author, architect, engineer, director, planner, deviser, originator, manager, prime mover, initiator, inventor
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