Definition of organically in US English:



  • 1From or in connection with living matter.

    ‘organically enriched soil’
    • ‘In an organically rich layer in the eastern Mediterranean, they found that bacteria had formed magnetic material.’
    • ‘The remains of those creatures left minute freckles of organically produced carbon, which crystallized into graphite.’
    • ‘Gardenias like an organically enriched, slightly acidic, moist, well-draining soil.’
    • ‘If it is desired to ensure that no organically bonded chlorine is detectable in the reaction product, a reaction time of about 8 to 10 hours is recommended.’
    • ‘The islands will follow a "cradle-to-cradle" philosophy, which calls for using renewable energy and products made from materials that can be reused or organically decomposed.’
    • ‘The second experiment tested whether males responded to water-soluble or organically soluble pheromones on female lines.’
    • ‘Most of the Cretaceous seas were organically highly productive: it is estimated that more than half of the world's oil and gas comes from reservoirs in Cretaceous rocks.’
    • ‘Components can also be organically synthesized from more basic chemicals.’
    • ‘In a certain sense, human beings are just organically expressed microcode.’
    • ‘Large ciliates are common in freshwater environments, in particular those that have been organically enriched (such as by sewage).’
  • 2Without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

    ‘organically grown crops’
    ‘incentives offered to farmers to farm organically’
    • ‘Campaigners are also lobbying the government to increase the percentage of organically farmed land.’
    • ‘Cattle that are grown for beef must be raised organically their entire lives.’
    • ‘For any gardener who isn't yet convinced about the need to garden organically, here are some statistics that may change your mind.’
    • ‘The researchers compared commercially available strawberry varieties grown only on fields managed organically.’
    • ‘One popular food product is organically or naturally produced beef.’
    • ‘Salmon here is wild or organically farmed.’
    • ‘We're going to have a little lesson on how to eat organically.’
    • ‘Our customers expect organic cows to be fed organically.’
    • ‘Ensure healthy mineral levels by eating a diet of whole, organically grown foods.’
    • ‘They have come up with a fungus-resistant variety which could be grown organically.’
  • 3Physiology
    In a way that relates to a bodily organ or organs.

    ‘it's not a definable illness; there is nothing organically wrong’
    • ‘In general, the probable outcome is good for physical (organically caused) dysfunctions resulting from treatable or reversible conditions.’
    • ‘Disorientation for time, place and person is not persistent or severe enough to justify a diagnosis of organically caused delirium.’
    • ‘Despite the organic basis of the disorder, the diagnostic criteria have been derived through consensus, rather than being organically based; no biological "test" exists for autism.’
    • ‘The organically impaired are those whose ability to control impulses is significantly affected by their neurological or medical condition.’
    • ‘There are also forms of organically based temporary or transient amnesia, such as those induced by drug or alcohol intoxication or by epileptic seizures.’
  • 4As elements of an organized whole.

    ‘workers in both parts of the new economy are organically connected’
    ‘little subplots which fit organically into the overall picture’
    • ‘In order to achieve these aims, the city needs an organically unified system in terms of facilities and service institutions.’
    • ‘But rarely are these facts integrated into organically unified pictures.’
    • ‘Sustainability features were organically woven into the design of the facility.’
    • ‘They succeed by organically integrating five major business skills that give them a competitive edge.’
    • ‘They believe language is organically linked to the idea of nation.’
    • ‘The massive chandelier that hangs in the open stairwell is made up of tons of lightbulbs that are organically formed into a cascading mass.’
    • ‘The songs are precisely chosen to echo the events onscreen, but they fit organically with the scenes.’
    • ‘A health system is organically integrated with the society which it serves.’
    • ‘Lukacs called for a synthesis of social and psychological forces which "organically binds together the general and the particular both in characters and situations".’
    • ‘Civilisation is organically linked with the advance of technology.’
    1. 4.1 In the course of gradual or natural development.
      ‘the market grew organically from its modest beginnings’
      ‘national identity develops organically’
      • ‘In the best fiction, great themes evolve organically from great stories rather than the other way around.’
      • ‘I prefer things to happen organically rather than being media-led.’
      • ‘The company is now focused on improving its offering and growing in terms of users organically rather than with purchases.’
      • ‘During this period, we need to move, preferably naturally and organically, towards far more representative institutions.’
      • ‘Scenes flow organically from one to the next, with no contrivance to set something up just for the sake of a gag.’
      • ‘The updates arrive on his blog easily and organically, in time with my browsing, or so it seems.’
      • ‘We prefer to expand organically, through internal growth.’
      • ‘The site has evolved organically, with no pre-conceived plan.’
      • ‘Make sure that each article organically and logically flows to the next.’
      • ‘These warm-hearted scenes seem to evolve organically, almost like a documentary about real roommates.’