Definition of organdy in English:


(also organdie)


  • A fine translucent cotton or silk fabric that is usually stiffened and used for women's clothing.

    • ‘The exhibits include some very pretty asides on clothes: Maureen Connor's 1981 Birth of the Bustle, for example, in woven reed and organdy is as beautifully made and as pretty as anything in Versace.’
    • ‘Then, sew a sheer fabric, such as organdy, into a slip-on case with a graceful 3-inch flange.’
    • ‘Organza is similar to cotton organdy except it is made with silk and is transparent.’
    • ‘Cages were 30.5 cm long and 3.8 cm in diameter with four holes covered with organdy gauze for air circulation.’
    • ‘Kim was wearing a daring one-piece black dress and Angela floated in puffy white organdy to her ankles.’
    • ‘If in doubt about the design's stability, sandwich a layer of sheer fabric, such as organdy, organza or tulle, with the water-soluble stabilizer prior to stitching.’
    • ‘Waves of applause greeted a cinched blue silk jacket with a shawl collar scattered with silver embroidery, worn over a citrine skirt in mille-feuille layers of stiff organdie.’
    • ‘With the well-tailored choli of any style, the saree - starched cotton, heavy silk or light chiffon and organdie - can still make a fashion statement of its own.’
    • ‘Organza, organdy and batiste can also be used as sew-in interfacing.’
    • ‘Handloom materials including churidhars with hand-designed embroidery, phulkari, shadow and mirror works in cotton and organdy along with hand-woven silk saris catch the onlookers' attention.’
    • ‘Fashioned from organdy and tissue in ‘cheerful and festive’ colours, the line extends from table covers, placemats, and runners to light curtains and a wide spectrum of cushion covers.’
    • ‘That process means extreme attention to detail and rather lengthy discussions about adding chalky tones to a blue, or whether to offer a suit jacket in organdy.’
    • ‘Cages consisted of a cylinder frame of wire mesh tightly covered with organdy cloth.’
    • ‘Basing predominantly on the pristine white and blue, her designs use organdy and white appliqué giving a luxurious look with trim lines and motifs.’
    • ‘Tango wafts from his radio, his kitchen window is open, and his organdy curtains flutter outwards.’
    • ‘The boxes had organdy screening on the top and four sides to allow air circulation.’
    • ‘This is made obvious with her props and costumes - vintage 1940s shoes, some with ten-inch spiked heels, black Lycra shorts, long-waisted organdy dresses sashed with a neat taffeta bow.’
    • ‘Lourdes burst into the room, her hair undone from the organdy ribbon that bound it.’
    • ‘The fact that she herself had only one such dress, an organdy hand-me-down from Rockelle that was worn once a week to Sunday school, was disturbing.’
    • ‘Her thin hair was plated in braids and her taffeta dresses looked shabby beside Geneva's pink organdie frock with her golden hair elegantly twisted atop her head in curls.’


Early 19th century: from French organdi, of unknown origin.