Definition of organ pipe in US English:

organ pipe


  • A cylindrical tube by which a note is produced in an organ.

    ‘the cathedral organ pipes’
    • ‘The resulting tone is pleasantly metallic, not unlike that produced by certain organ pipes.’
    • ‘The music was produced from organ pipes, reeds, drums, bells, and strings struck with a hammer.’
    • ‘Apart from a square, rough-brick stair tower with wine cellar below and space for organ pipes above, the house had no interior walls.’
    • ‘The entire arched apse area was enclosed with wood panelling and organ pipes at the top.’
    • ‘I aimed to probe the effects of length on the musical pitch of organ pipes.’
    • ‘The most popular part of the reserve is what is known as the "Cathedrals" area where the siltstone cliffs have been eroded into columns like organ pipes.’
    • ‘They raided the cathedral and seized organ pipes as trophies.’
    • ‘The water in this case is not part of the musical process, but a method of controlling the consistent and steady flow of air to the organ pipes.’
    • ‘The sunlight shining off of the organ pipes became nearly blinding, and I held up a hand to block the glare.’
    • ‘The organ required 35,000 hours to complete, largely because Fritts and his craftsmen fashion nearly every part, from the ebony keys to the tin-lead-alloy organ pipes, by hand.’