Definition of organ loft in US English:

organ loft


  • A balcony in a church or concert hall for an organ.

    • ‘The new choir and organ loft will create a useful space underneath for a vestry with a secure area for valuables, kitchens, toilets and storage space.’
    • ‘It was I who took John's place in the organ loft, surrounded by the streaming-eyed souls of his beloved choir.’
    • ‘We looked at it further and realized that the console had water damage, and also the pipes and other components up in the organ loft had been damaged as well.’
    • ‘He says he caught the music bug when, at the age of 12, he accompanied the St Paul's organist to the cathedral organ loft to turn pages for him for a BBC recording.’
    • ‘Major restoration work is needed in the tower and organ loft of the historic church.’
    • ‘The blaze was caused by someone leaving a stove alight in the organ loft.’
    • ‘Anton Pilgram's organ loft in St. Stephen in Vienna resembles a monumental reworking of an inverted design for the base of a chalice.’
    • ‘The discovery of a dusty collection of music in the organ loft at San Pedro was serendipitous.’
    • ‘To expand the number of seats in this chapel, which serves as the school's spiritual and community life, Beha extended the existing organ loft into a new balcony accommodating 130 new seats.’
    • ‘St John's has just launched a £750,000 appeal to complete repairs on its lighting and heating systems, external masonry and to build a new choir and organ loft on the west wall.’
    • ‘The generous entrance hall, defined by a travertine screen wall, is partly enclosed within by a raised organ loft.’
    • ‘The organ loft also features a state-of-the-art sound and music reproducing system for special occasions.’
    • ‘The church had already launched an appeal to raise £750,000 to not only replace the heating and lighting systems, but to build a new choir and organ loft over the West Door.’
    • ‘His orchestration owes something to the organ loft, his piano writing to the enormous hands which allowed him to create large organistic sonorities: both are extremely effective.’
    • ‘And practical as well: for ‘Landscapes of Patmos’, inspired by Revelations, Eben chose tom-toms, drums and other light percussion precisely so that they could be carried up into confined organ lofts.’
    • ‘Perhaps both were most at home in the organ loft.’
    • ‘She retired from the organ loft of Great Ouseburn church last year, but still plays regularly at Little Ouseburn.’


organ loft

/ˈôrɡən ˌlôft//ˈɔrɡən ˌlɔft/