Definition of ordnance depot in US English:

ordnance depot


  • A place where ammunition, weapons, and other military materials are stored.

    ‘the army discussed its plans to improve ordnance depots’
    • ‘Dogs continue to serve as patrol or guard animals, especially in extensive but lightly manned installations such as ordnance depots or airfields.’
    • ‘The land is part of a former army ordnance depot that handled as much as 1,300 tons of ammunition a day during World War I.’
    • ‘The area is a haven for the extensive wildlife population that calls the 64,000-acre ordnance depot home.’
    • ‘In 1991 he was promoted to sub-officer with the Ministry fire service and moved to the Ordnance Depot at Bicester for five years.’
    • ‘Aircraft on an armed reconnaissance patrol located an ammunition lorry near to the heavily damaged central ordnance depot.’
    • ‘The target selected for the day was an ordnance depot, just south of the city.’
    • ‘Even at our bombing altitude of 12,000-ft, we could feel the concussion of our bombs exploding within the ordnance depot and other detonations from exploding munitions.’
    • ‘A Royal Command had ordered that a major defence system be constructed and this was later extended to include the ordnance depot.’
    • ‘More than forty thousand left the reservations during each of the war years to take jobs in ordnance depots, in aircraft factories, on the railroads, and in other war industries.’
    • ‘Arms were issued from the ordnance depot.’