Definition of order number in US English:

order number


  • A number identifying a purchase or order placed by a customer.

    ‘you can check your order status by entering your order number and last name’
    • ‘They are able to read back order numbers and process refund and replacement requests.’
    • ‘We have decided that enough is enough and therefore request an immediate refund on our order number.’
    • ‘Finally, my turn in the stall came, and my order number was called out.’
    • ‘I put in my order number and it showed me a summary of what I ordered, how I paid for it, and when it would show up at my door.’
    • ‘In order to process your return, please include your name, email address and order number along with the items that you are returning.’
    • ‘I have the invoice for the purchase of the computer, which gives my customer number, my order number and my invoice number, but none of these are the number that customer service wants now.’
    • ‘He provided staff at the pub with a telephone number for the finance department and an order number to arrange payment for his three-night stay.’
    • ‘All my mum had to do was ring up a phone number, and quote an order number and her credit card number.’
    • ‘You will be given a nine-digit order number that is used when you download the software.’
    • ‘Many of the invoices had no order number attached to them and no delivery address.’
    • ‘He also cannot locate my records in the system, despite being provided with the original order number, my name, and my telephone number.’