Definition of orchard grass in US English:

orchard grass


North American
  • A pasture grass with broad leaves and green or purplish flowering spikes.

    Dactylis glomerata, family Gramineae

    British term cocksfoot
    • ‘The majority of their diet should be free-choice grass hays such as timothy, orchard grass or brome.’
    • ‘The most common cool-season grasses are orchard grass, smooth brome, meadow brome and creeping foxtail.’
    • ‘‘I've planted a number of grasses, like brome, timothy, perennial rye and annual rye, orchard grass and fescue,’ he notes.’
    • ‘Our experience is that this orchard grass will try to start regrowing in three days.’
    • ‘Pull up to the big cottonwood tree in the middle of the ranch and you'll see a herd of cattle munching contentedly on orchard grass, fescue, strawberry clover and other cool-season species.’
    • ‘The best source of fiber is hay, such as timothy, alfalfa, oat, or orchard grass.’
    • ‘The dominant forage is orchard grass, with some quack, brome, blue grass and assorted other species.’
    • ‘When Leila was seven years old, her stepfather ran out of fuel when mowing, leaving a large rectangle of unmown orchard grass.’