Definition of orangeade in US English:



  • A drink made with orange juice, sweetener, and water, sometimes carbonated.

    • ‘In summer my parents had sometimes taken me to the big public beach where they'd laid a blanket on the sand, weighting the corners with their shoes and a thermos of lemonade or orangeade.’
    • ‘Amy reached for the drink which she had presumed was orangeade and took a sip.’
    • ‘We got flat Coke, orangeade and cherryade.’
    • ‘In the end I was too terrified to drink anything other than patriotic Pakola, a green-coloured soft drink and migraine-inducing orangeade called Mirinda.’
    • ‘And there were bottles of Corona lemonade, limeade, orangeade and cherryade.’
    • ‘When we got back to our dressing room we had some sandwiches, stuffed rolls, orangeade and lemonade.’
    • ‘At the time I told her the truth - we'd made a raft and when we fell off, we were rescued by a man on a barge and taken to a wedding reception where someone gave me orangeade.’
    • ‘He took pics of slugs, orangeade, meals, views through car and plane windows, his dog - whatever - and they looked so good.’
    • ‘The streets were damp and gloomy, rain streaming beneath sodium street lamps like showers of orangeade.’