Definition of orange roughy in US English:

orange roughy


  • 1An edible roughy, much prized for its white flesh. Found in deep waters of temperate oceans worldwide, its reddish body turns orange after being exposed to air.

    Hoplostethus atlanticus, family Trachichthyidae

    • ‘Annual catches by French vessels in Rockall peaked at 3500 tonnes in 1991, but have since fallen to fewer than 500 tonnes as stocks of orange roughy are rapidly depleted.’
    • ‘Britain and France are set to clash in tense talks on Thursday, over the rules for catching deep sea species such as the orange roughy, the round-nosed grenadier and the leafscale gulper shark.’
    • ‘Marlin, orange roughy, monkfish and swordfish as well as shark are on its list.’
    • ‘One theory suggests that an increase in deep-sea fishing - of orange roughy in particular - has disturbed the giant-squid habitat.’
    • ‘They will say they can cope with orange roughy only.’
    • ‘We know that Maori made up a name for orange roughy when it was discovered in the 1980s, and perhaps there is a similar explanation in this case.’
    • ‘I look at some other fish, such as the swordfish, the Arrow squid, snapper, orange roughy, or even the big-eyed tuna, at $791,000.’
    • ‘For instance, the orange roughy can live 150 years, and takes 25 to 30 years to reach sexual maturity.’
    • ‘Deep-sea creatures such as orange roughy and Chilean sea bass have slower life cycles than those in the shallows, and have proven especially vulnerable to over fishing.’
    • ‘The ones that have the largest concentrations of mercury are then shark, ray, swordfish, barramundi, gemfish, orange roughy, ling, and southern bluefin tuna.’
    • ‘Commercial fishing around biologically rich seamounts has led to the collapse of some stocks, including the orange roughy, according to a report published by conservation organizations based in Europe.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, over-fishing has lead to a dwindling supply of certain species, including shrimp, sword-fish, grouper, orange roughy and scallops.’
    • ‘I would come into New Zealand, trawl for sea snails, and accidentally catch 20 tonnes of orange roughy, scampi, or whatever it is that happens to be valuable.’
    • ‘More recently, large concentrations of orange roughy were uncovered on seamounts off Australia and New Zealand, and just as immediately decimated.’
    • ‘I remember chairing that first select committee when Maori made such a claim, and my question to them was: ‘What was the Maori name for orange roughy?’’
    • ‘Positive conservation measures, however, will be presented to the council to limit catches of deepwater species such as the orange roughy, black scabbardfish and forkbeard off the continental shelf to the West of Scotland.’
    • ‘The annual catches of some of these now-popular varieties, such as the species marketed as Chilean sea bass and orange roughy, have already declined significantly, according to data cited in Boston and in other scientific reports.’
    • ‘For example, Drazen said, orange roughy can live for up to 125 years, rockfish up to 100 years, and rattail fish about 70 years.’
    • ‘Chilean and Japanese scientists have carried out a joint research cruise aimed at evaluating the biomass of the orange roughy, one of the top seafood products in both the USA and Japan.’
    • ‘But deep-water species such as the monkfish and the orange roughy are at risk, as it can take decades before a fish is old enough to breed.’
    1. 1.1 The flesh of the orange roughy as food.
      • ‘I really enjoy orange roughy, though it has an oil that's hard for me to absorb if I eat too much of it.’
      • ‘Dinner alternates nightly between fish, like seared orange roughy, and poultry, like chicken breast with polenta.’
      • ‘Try salmon, mackerel, sardines, orange roughy, trout, sushi-grade tuna or any other fish that tends to produce a lot of oil during cooking.’
      • ‘As for the main course, the menu is long and ambitious, at least in terms of the types of fish available: halibut, salmon, orange roughy, and ahi tuna among others, all of which are grilled or pan-fried.’
      • ‘Its expansive menu includes selections from around the world, including French braised lamb shank with sauce provençal, multi-ethnic curries and South African orange roughy.’
      • ‘Among Manning's favorite foods are salmon and orange roughy, which she eats four times a week, plus soy, spinach and green and black teas.’
      • ‘I'm the biggest fan of orange roughy because it's the only fish that doesn't taste fishy.’
      • ‘The best options include lean beef, skinless chicken breasts, lean turkey, egg whites, salmon and orange roughy.’
      • ‘Yes, well swordfish and orange roughy are commonly available in Australia.’