Definition of orange blossom in US English:

orange blossom


  • 1Flowers from an orange tree, traditionally worn by the bride at a wedding.

    • ‘The air was always sweet with the smell of orange blossoms.’
    • ‘I stepped out of the car onto my front path, smelled the orange blossom, and was content.’
    • ‘Perfumed with what I think was orange blossoms, it was so aromatic that I wanted to inhale the glass on the first sip.’
    • ‘Something is missing if I can't drive along that steamy central section of the Florida Turnpike at night, sucking the heady smell of orange blossoms into my lungs.’
    • ‘Then the large orange blossoms appear and eventually turn into small round orbs.’
    • ‘He spotted a beautiful orange blossom and walked over to it.’
    • ‘Here, on the hedges, and by the wayside, grew purple, green, and white grapes; lemons and oranges hung from trees in the woods; and the air was fragrant with myrtles and orange blossoms.’
    • ‘But every garden also harbors a number of microclimates that make a world of difference to plants: the chill air that helps set buds on an apple tree can freeze orange blossoms.’
    • ‘He gasped and fell to the floor between the two beds, the inexplicable scent of orange blossoms in his nose.’
    • ‘Since there were no beds in the hospital, a nurse went outside and broke some tender branches off an tree and made a makeshift bed that way, so my sister and I were laid on a bed of orange blossoms.’
    • ‘He took to farming in his own garden but a little later that year, everything they owned had to be pawned when the orange blossoms failed.’
  • 2A cocktail made of gin, sugar, and orange juice.

    • ‘‘I'll have the orange blossom,’ I said picking at random.’


orange blossom

/ˈôrənj ˈbläsəm/