Definition of orange in English:



  • 1A round juicy citrus fruit with a tough bright reddish-yellow rind.

    • ‘In fact the grapefruit is simply a hybrid between a pomelo and an orange.’
    • ‘Squeeze the juice from all the oranges and the lime in with it and stir.’
    • ‘These days, juicy, delicious oranges are practically synonymous with vitamin C.’
    • ‘We walked from her back gate down the gravel path through the village center, where a lush community citrus orchard offered oranges and grapefruits.’
    • ‘The Maschio Prime Arance, made from the juice and pulp of Italian oranges, is like biting into an orange with a kick.’
    • ‘Grate the rind from the two large oranges and squeeze out the juice.’
    • ‘Dried beans and legumes, oranges and orange juice, peanuts and leafy green vegetables all contain folate.’
    • ‘Slice each orange into 5mm rounds, trying to reserve as much juice as you can.’
    • ‘This category included lemons, oranges, mandarins, tangelos, and grapefruits, with lemons being the most common type.’
    • ‘After turning it over, I then squeezed the juice of half each of an orange, lime and lemon on it.’
    • ‘All in all, however, citrus covers the largest tonnage if you include oranges, grapefruit, lemons and smaller varietals such as naartjies.’
    • ‘Today being the feast day of St Clement, the fourth pope and patron saint of mariners and ironmongers, I have put oranges and lemons to good use in my mother's recipe for a whisky marmalade.’
    • ‘For the last 20 years I've had the juice of four oranges for breakfast, using a classic manual squeezer, which I drink with toast and a cup of tea.’
    • ‘The half-time whistle sounded and traditional sliced oranges were brought round on trays for fans wilting from the sticky heat.’
    • ‘Cut the peel from the orange, slice the flesh thinly and serve at the side of each slice of cake.’
    • ‘Try also the top of a carrot, half an apple, half a green pepper (remove the seeds) and half an orange (not too juicy).’
    • ‘When an orange is juiced, fibre and other health-giving elements are left behind.’
    • ‘There was a tree toward the front, its branches laden with big, bright oranges.’
    • ‘On another day they would have been dead and buried by the time the oranges were passed round.’
    • ‘A little further down the coast we admire the rickety wooden fishermen's huts when a man in his seventies eating an orange starts chatting.’
    1. 1.1A drink made from or flavored with orange.
      ‘a vodka and orange’
      • ‘‘A passenger asked one trainee steward for a screwdriver - you know, vodka and orange,’ Duggal relates.’
      • ‘But before driving home from work, what harm could a quick pint, small glass of wine or harmless vodka and orange with a colleague cause?’
      • ‘Vodka and orange seemed more Norwood's type of drink.’
      • ‘The student's friends thought it was likely that her drink, a vodka and orange, had been spiked either as she was at the bar or as she was walking across the dance floor, as it was a large, open glass.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, a vodka and orange, tequila or gin and tonic can all be had for a reasonable Rp 35,000.’
      • ‘Anyway it has been a hard drive there and back and I have a vodka and orange getting warm.’
      • ‘It was at this time that Crete made a run for the bar to claim his fifth vodka and orange.’
      • ‘Martin found he liked the strange new drink, but Jack wisely made his next drink orange and lemonade.’
      • ‘As I gulped down my pint of Bud, Tony washed down a pack of dry roasted with a diet coke and Debbie sipped at her vodka and orange.’
      • ‘The danger lies in alcopops, which are flavoured with things like cranberry or orange to disguise the taste of vodka.’
      • ‘In July she had spent the evening at a nearby pub when she had had several pints and a glass of vodka and orange.’
      • ‘‘Until now, it has not been possible, for example, to market a drink containing both orange and cream,’ said Muir.’
      • ‘Dyer is putting on an exhibition of running around, sort of like a mini-Pete Sampras lookalike who's drunk too much fizzy orange.’
      • ‘Is it too late for a vodka and orange?’
      • ‘After my second double vodka and orange in 15 minutes, I'm beginning to feel it.’
      • ‘Five minutes later he took off his hat, pulled a comb out of his pocket, dipped it in a glass of vodka and orange on the table, stood up and then combed his hair in the mirror over the fireplace.’
      • ‘While all eyes were on the news channel, I was just happy to watch her move gracefully around the pub sipping her Vodka and orange.’
  • 2The leathery-leaved evergreen tree that bears the orange, native to warm regions of south and Southeast Asia. Oranges are a major commercial crop in many warm regions of the world.

    • ‘Wheat, grapevines, almonds, olives, and oranges were planted from the beginning.’
    • ‘Everything green is inside, so this is the image I've still got about my childhood in Morocco; just the houses with the orange trees, olive trees and the palm trees which were introduced from the south up to the city of Fez.’
    • ‘I do know that the soil they throw up has a lovely crumbly texture; it can be mixed with potting compost to make a heavier compost ideal for permanent pot plantings like bay trees, figs and oranges.’
    • ‘Morocco's plains are cultivated with a variety of crops, such as oranges, figs, olives, almonds, barley, and wheat.’
    • ‘Zhaar or orange flower water is an extract of the Bergamot orange tree.’
    • ‘Her romantic garden showcases David Austin roses, hydrangeas, camellias, orange trees and numerous perennial and annual plants.’
    • ‘Terracotta pots overflow with cactuses and red, pink and purple flowers, above which spread expansive palms and orange and lemon trees.’
    • ‘Everywhere you turn there are almond, fig, lemon and orange trees and olive groves.’
    • ‘Now the ancient passes have opened up and tourism, as well as the fertile land that supports oranges and avocados, is bringing some wealth to the region.’
    • ‘Lo and behold, our backyard came with an orange tree and a Meyer lemon tree.’
    • ‘The view from the wooden deck is a mesh of banana, mango, orange, and momonchino trees.’
    • ‘When he did end up in the right place, he could go and look from his windows to see orange trees, oleanders and a jacaranda across the lawns and below.’
    • ‘My neighbor politely said, ‘Uh, are you referring to the orange trees we have in our yards?’’
    • ‘They came to a connected room, full of oranges and palm trees.’
    • ‘I played with my brothers and sisters in a sprawling garden full of orange and lemon trees.’
    1. 2.1Used in names of other plants with fruit or flowers similar to the orange, e.g., mock orange.
  • 3A bright reddish-yellow color like that of the skin of a ripe orange.

    • ‘I like the bright saturated orange of the bottles on the shelf.’
    • ‘A wide range of colours was used - shades of gold, orange, green, brown and gray.’
    • ‘The clouds in the sky were bright with pastel colors of red, orange, purple, pink, and blue.’
    • ‘Stone arches, shelves of antique bottles, jars and jugs and the colour scheme of orange and terracotta give the place a rustic feel.’
    • ‘Inside the veils, exotic plants with flowers of all colors: bright orange, reds, pinks, and yellows.’
    • ‘Plants with sunset colours of bright orange and crimson stand out and make an easy target for the eye.’
    • ‘For those wanting something more bright, there are colours like orange, green, and lemon.’
    • ‘Organic and earthy colours dominate with burnt orange, rust, sky blue and many shades of green.’
    • ‘At times, warm, undulating tones of pale pink, magenta, purple and orange hypnotically pulse through the cylinders.’
    • ‘They were normal, except that the irises were streaks of red, purple, orange, and pink; like a sunset.’
    • ‘The sun was near the horizon and the sky was a bright mix of orange, pink, and purple.’
    • ‘Any colors composed of red or green, such as brown, purple or orange, don't look the same as they would to someone who sees all colors.’
    • ‘‘We are the only school in the country that has orange as its primary colour,’ director of athletics Jake Crouthamel outlined.’
    • ‘We also changed the colors from brown to bright orange, which gives a higher energy feeling.’
    • ‘Chocolate brown, pink and orange are mixed with succulent berry shades and a field of soft greens.’
    • ‘Apart from just red, blue and green, there are various other colours, including orange, purple and yellow.’
    • ‘We mean really bright colours like orange, yellow, red, and green.’
    • ‘Hot pink, vibrant orange, purple, turquoise and green of any shade were the colours of the day, with ladies strutting around like beautiful birds of paradise.’
    • ‘His penchant for bright colours - orange and yellow are favourites - only add to his reputation for excitement and flamboyance.’
    • ‘Body colors include bright orange, pink, yellow, dark brown and even black.’


  • Reddish yellow, like a ripe orange in color.

    ‘an orange glow in the sky’
    • ‘The very thought of orange skies and yellow sand hurt her head.’
    • ‘Yellow or orange flame means one is wasting gas.’
    • ‘He looked down at her light, yellow and orange skirt.’
    • ‘Made from bright orange, green or pink wool-covered foam, the seat perches upon thin steel legs.’
    • ‘Its delicate, red, yellow and orange tubular flowers are quite striking but I am not sure how well the plants will grow in our cooler climate.’
    • ‘The lizard had a skinny red body, with a yellow underside and orange nails.’
    • ‘Looking resplendent in a raw silk orange dress, 28-year-old Norma O'Donoghue was the unanimous choice of the judges.’
    • ‘He was wearing a polo shirt with white, red, yellow and orange hoops, the white hoops being thicker than the rest.’
    • ‘Those once ubiquitous garish yellow and orange ski suits are now quite rare and look dated.’
    • ‘The orange bag had two yellow folders, one black folder with stars and swirls, and one Mickey Mouse folder.’
    • ‘Not sure if I'm going to have to get a bouffant hairstyle and start wearing orange foundation.’
    • ‘The sun was setting in the distance giving the evening an orange and yellow glow.’
    • ‘The city was gorgeous during the fall, the yellow and orange leaves really giving the streets a special glow.’
    • ‘Beta-carotene is a nutrient found in yellow and orange vegetables and fruit that can be converted to vitamin A in the body.’
    • ‘His wings were orange and striped with white on the undersides.’
    • ‘There were sunshine yellow trains, orange trains, blue ones and green.’
    • ‘The roof is a reddish orange color, the walls washed-out gold, and all trimmed in wood a shade or two darker than the roof.’
    • ‘Red, yellow and orange peppers are sweet and less spicy.’
    • ‘Its creamy yellow to deep orange flowers glow like sunshine even on the darkest day until the frost finally kills them at the end of the year.’
    • ‘Geoff Sowden, of Haxby, contacted the Evening Press when he noticed the distinctive orange and black butterflies filling his garden every morning.’


Late Middle English: from Old French orenge (in the phrase pomme d'orenge), based on Arabic nāranj, from Persian nārang.

Definition of Orange in English:


proper noun

  • 1A town in southern France, on the Rhône River, home of the ancestors of the Dutch royal house.

  • 2A city in southwestern California, southeast of Los Angeles in an agricultural area; population 136,392 (est. 2008)