Definition of oral history in English:

oral history


  • The collection and study of historical information using sound recordings of interviews with people having personal knowledge of past events.

    • ‘There will shortly begin a training programme in oral history interviewing for individuals or groups taking part.’
    • ‘The book originated as a project in folklore and oral history.’
    • ‘Like any example of oral history or autobiography the studies have both weaknesses as well as strengths.’
    • ‘Using archive sources and oral history interviews, Professor Chamberlain will unravel their amazing stories.’
    • ‘Moreover, this way of contrasting oral history with archival history appears to maintain the ‘great divide’, which has to be crossed over if we follow the book's title.’
    • ‘I think it is important to state that for historians, oral history is not understood as research on human subjects, but rather as research with other human beings.’
    • ‘More than forty interviews add invaluable oral history insights.’
    • ‘As a historical source, oral history is akin to others, such as autobiography or written reminiscence, which are generated some time after a historical event, or at a later stage in life, and involve personal reflection.’
    • ‘She was also involved in making some of the earliest phonograph recordings of oral history in the British Isles, recordings that have unfortunately not survived.’
    • ‘She spent almost thirty years collecting oral history and testimony in all parts of Wales.’
    • ‘As in all oral history studies, we do not know how much the passage of time and changes in social attitudes influenced our participants' recall of events or how much later rationalisation influenced their accounts.’
    • ‘The kinds of interviewing carried out in qualitative research are typical also of life history and oral history interviewing.’
    • ‘Former prisoners have been invited to take part in an oral history project by the Johannesburg Development Agency.’
    • ‘In conjunction with the construction of the Babelthuap road, major archaeological and oral history projects are under way.’
    • ‘The result is an original project that blends anthropological scholarship with oral history.’
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oral history