Definition of optical fiber in US English:

optical fiber


  • A thin flexible fiber with a glass core through which light signals can be sent with very little loss of strength.

    • ‘At the basic level, a digital electrical signal is converted to an optical signal and transmitted across an optical fiber using a laser.’
    • ‘In that technique, an optical fiber is used to transmit light from a specially coated lens.’
    • ‘That is, one thin strand of optical fiber can receive and transmit light from 40 lasers at the same time.’
    • ‘The light detected by the receiver is transmitted through an optical fibre to a computerised spectrum analyser.’
    • ‘Such fibres might outperform normal optical fibres because light trapped in their hollow core travels through a tenuous gas, rather than a solid glass.’


optical fiber

/ˈäptəkəl ˌfībər/