Definition of optic cup in US English:

optic cup


  • A cuplike outgrowth of the brain of an embryo that develops into the retina.

    • ‘The neural retina of zebrafish, as in other vertebrates, arises from cells that line the optic cup.’
    • ‘Next, the lens placode buds into the space within the optic cup to form the embryonic lens.’
    • ‘Cell division also occurs at the distal margin of the optic cup, a region known as the ciliary marginal zone.’
    • ‘The first transplantation experiments were carried out reciprocally between surface fish and Pachon cavefish: a surface fish lens was transplanted into a cavefish optic cup and vice versa.’
    • ‘However, the cavefish eye seems to develop normally up to about the hatching stage, forming a lens and optic cup.’