Definition of opposite sex in US English:

opposite sex


  • Women in relation to men or vice versa.

    • ‘He is light and carefree and though he cares about the opposite sex he doesn't attach himself very well.’
    • ‘Galina blushed at the compliment, as though this were the first to be bestowed upon her by the opposite sex.’
    • ‘Being attracted to someone of the opposite sex is not something a person particularly chooses.’
    • ‘I was socially retarded and put my every effort into educating myself about the opposite sex.’
    • ‘In fact, 80 percent of men and women say that people of the opposite sex focus on the wrong issues.’
    • ‘Does film give boys and girls the wrong ideas about relations with the opposite sex?’
    • ‘If I remember right, that's one of the ways, a girl forms a relationship with the opposite sex.’
    • ‘He had become very adept at avoiding romantic relationships with members of the opposite sex.’
    • ‘Still, it's true that lots of girls get all dolled up so they'll be attractive to the opposite sex.’
    • ‘Relationships with persons of the opposite sex are a delicate matter for a foreigner in Japan.’
    • ‘I have never received so much attention from the opposite sex in my life, and it makes me uncomfortable.’
    • ‘They can't help being who they are just as I can't help being attracted to the opposite sex.’
    • ‘This has implications for their relationships with the opposite sex later on.’
    • ‘We just spend our lives trying to figure out why the opposite sex does what they do.’
    • ‘A lot of them are also just not interested in the opposite sex at that age.’
    • ‘This is a message to all men out there that have been trying to figure out the opposite sex.’
    • ‘She did, however, promise herself that she would never trust a member of the opposite sex again.’
    • ‘I certainly enjoy more appreciative glances from the opposite sex than I have before.’
    • ‘Thinking about the opposite sex is just not what people expected her to do.’
    • ‘Hence, it is more important to change our attitude towards the opposite sex.’