Definition of opium poppy in US English:

opium poppy


  • A Eurasian poppy with ornamental white, red, pink, or purple flowers. Its immature capsules yield a latex from which opium is obtained.

    Papaver somniferum, family Papaveraceae

    • ‘This resembles and smells like the latex of the opium poppy, but the plants are not related.’
    • ‘Morphine comes from the opium poppy, cultivated in various parts of the world for thousands of years.’
    • ‘Heroin is an opioid derived from the dried sap of the opium poppy.’
    • ‘The opium poppy, like all poppies, requires rich moist soil, plentiful sunlight, and a clear area in which to grow.’
    • ‘The opium poppy is an annual herb with an erect stem, having a solitary flower that is white, red, or purplish, depending on the cultivar.’
    • ‘Juice from the opium poppy has been used since ancient times for pain relief.’
    • ‘According to the Controlled Substances Act, every part of the opium poppy except the seed is illegal, including the seed pods, but some companies do import dried seed pods for decorative purposes.’
    • ‘A huge number of cash crops, such as those mentioned above, have replaced the opium poppy as the Hill Tribes' livelihood.’
    • ‘According to the figures supplied, there were a total of 2,100 hectares of opium poppy, but 7,421 hectares were fumigated in the same year.’
    • ‘At those meetings a consensus was achieved that called for the elimination of, or a significant reduction in, the illegal cultivation of coca, cannabis, and the opium poppy by the year 2008.’
    • ‘Recently physicians have become more inclined to give slow-release morphine, which comes from the opium poppy.’
    • ‘The opium poppy contains a variety of alkaloids.’
    • ‘Admittedly, though, because the extract from the opium poppy contains a mixture of compounds and is diluted by sugars, water, and other phytochemicals, it is not nearly as addictive as the pure compounds.’
    • ‘At the moment the opium poppy fields cover between 35 and 60 hectares, he said.’
    • ‘A red-petal variety of poppy related to the Asian opium poppy grows wild and under cultivation across the Czech Republic.’
    • ‘A major problem in the country now is the drug issue, the opium poppy production, which must be addressed.’
    • ‘The 2004 heroin yield, which is derived from the opium poppy, is one of the biggest on record.’
    • ‘Think of caffeine from coffee or morphine from the opium poppy.’
    • ‘The opium poppy, a plant indigenous to Asia Minor and first mentioned in Sumerian medicinal texts, was more than likely first brought into the Southeast Asian region, and thence to China, by Arab traders around the 7th to 8th Century.’
    • ‘Over five years, more than a million acres of coca plants and 52,000 acres of opium poppy have been destroyed.’


opium poppy

/ˈōpēəm ˈpäpē/