Definition of opium den in US English:

opium den


  • A place where opium is sold and smoked.

    • ‘Late one evening, as Dorian was leaving an opium den, a drunken woman called him ‘Prince Charming.’’
    • ‘Okay, so it was not a Cairo opium den, but to a boy from a Midlands market town it was almost dangerously exotic.’
    • ‘His first major poem as a teenager was about a boy dying of addiction in a Chinese opium den.’
    • ‘Constable White rubbed his hands together and stamped each foot briskly as he tried to keep himself warm, standing dutifully at the broken door into the raided opium den.’
    • ‘At various points in the term I was convinced that it was either a strip club, an opium den, or a seedy gun shop.’
    • ‘Aspiring writers always thought booze and dope would inspire them, imagined themselves like Hemingway or Hubert Selby or Poe in his opium den.’
    • ‘As he is about to enter the other opium den, James grabs him.’
    • ‘An indiscreet staircase lead upstairs and a dark staircase led downstairs, most likely to an opium den.’
    • ‘He was brought home from an opium den earlier this evening.’
    • ‘In an effort to stem the tragedy, the imperial government made opium illegal in 1836 and began to aggressively close down the opium dens.’
    • ‘Without a consistent supply, there could be no crackhouses, opium dens, coffee houses or heroin shooting galleries.’
    • ‘You are to go out into Cassent, into all the taverns, inns, lodging houses and opium dens that you can find.’
    • ‘Dorian becomes increasingly anxious and fearful that someone might discover his secret, and goes to an opium den to try to erase his bad feelings.’
    • ‘By 1930, the number of legal opium dens had been reduced to just 837.’
    • ‘By June 1959, some 900 previously licensed opium dens had been closed down.’
    • ‘They were more likely to be found in the teahouses or opium dens.’
    • ‘Freely minted gold coins would clink on the counter of brothels and, if you please, opium dens.’
    • ‘Once famous for brothels, bars and opium dens, the area has been taken over since the 1960s by design and technology companies, and public relations industries.’
    • ‘In the smoggy London streets of 1888, Aberline is dragged from his favourite opium den to investigate the bloody slaying of a prostitute.’
    • ‘The added chapter includes Dorian's visit to an opium den.’


opium den

/ˈōpēəm den/