Definition of ophiuroid in US English:



  • An echinoderm of the class Ophiuroidea, which comprises the brittlestars.

    • ‘Clearly, the late Eocene ophiuroids and crinoids experienced little physical damage and limited predation pressure.’
    • ‘Furthermore, physical damage was not an important cause of arm injury when the ophiuroids and crinoids were alive in the late Eocene.’
    • ‘Some, like many starfish, are predators; holothurians, sand dollars, and ophiuroids often feed on detritus; crinoids are filter-feeders; sea urchins scrape algae from rocks.’
    • ‘Hans perhaps is best known for his work on crinoids and ophiuroids, but he has many titles on asteroids, echinoids, and holothurians as well.’
    • ‘Unlike the situation with gastropods, sublethal damage is relatively easy to interpret in ophiuroids and crinoids.’


  • Relating to or denoting ophiuroids.

    • ‘However, the placement of the ophiuroid branch with respect to the other echinoderms is still unresolved.’
    • ‘Alternative phylogenetic trees were compared excluding the ophiuroid data set.’
    • ‘The restriction of dense ophiuroid populations in coastal waters during the Mesozoic is an aspect of the onshore-offshore trend.’
    • ‘Regardless of the distribution of rock outcrops, however, all stalked crinoids and most dense ophiuroid populations now live only in deep, offshore habitats.’
    • ‘A few ophiuroid species can even tolerate brackish water, an ability otherwise almost unknown among echinoderms.’