Definition of operations research in US English:

operations research


  • The application of scientific principles to business management, providing a quantitative basis for complex decisions.

    • ‘These routines are under review constantly and improved upon based on operational research and feedback from the users.’
    • ‘As a graduate student, Johnson grew intrigued with the idea of using management science and operations research to improve public services.’
    • ‘Thus, mathematics took the form of operational research, sociology of organizational theory, psychology gave rise to organizational behaviour, and economics led to the emergence of theoretical finance.’
    • ‘It is now an academic field called operational research.’
    • ‘Those ideas come not only from economics, but from all walks of investigation: epidemiology, operations research, earth science, and so on.’
    • ‘Such techniques include work-study, ergonomics (a branch of knowledge concerned with the relationship between workers, their environment and machinery) and operations research.’
    • ‘Although initially met with disdain, fuzzy logic is widely accepted today, with applications for everything from consumer products, industrial systems and operations research to medicine, geology and physics.’
    • ‘He worked in the Military research unit of the Home Office where he was a pioneer in operational research, using the mathematical theory he developed to increase the effectiveness of bombing raids.’
    • ‘To deal with these problems, we present a particle-based method for tracking fluorescent speckles in time-lapse FSM image series, based on ideas from operational research and graph theory.’
    • ‘He was awarded a master of science degree in operations research from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, in 1976.’
    • ‘How do our research methods differ from those of the social sciences, operations research, linguistics and others from which we have obviously borrowed?’
    • ‘The conference will cover many areas of mathematical sciences like astronomy, statistics, operations research, computer science and many other mathematically related subjects.’
    • ‘His analysis of jurisdictional disputes related to cost accounting, however, focuses on the period up to 1925 and on the boundary between cost accounting and such professions as statistics, engineering and operations research.’
    • ‘Many of the lines of research initiated or promoted by AMP continued after the war; for example, universities set up new programs and even new departments in fields such as operations research, statistics, and computing.’
    • ‘Yet despite the fact that services account for 80 percent of private-sector employment, how many high schools require courses in typing, computer science, operations research, and interpersonal relations?’
    • ‘The senior executive is responsible for information systems organization, all Internet activities, and operations research at the world's largest carrier, with 3,900 daily flights.’
    • ‘The majority of our analysts have advanced degrees in technical areas, such as operations research, mathematics, engineering, and management sciences.’
    • ‘The majority of the analysts have advanced degrees in technical areas such as operations research, mathematics, engineering, and management sciences.’
    • ‘Moreover, ignoring fusion and division allowed us to use a standard method from operational research to recover the speckle correspondences between frames.’
    • ‘After studying mechanical engineering at McGill, he went to work in operations research at Canadian National Railways.’


operations research

/ˌäpəˈrāSHənz rəˈsərCH/