Definition of operationally in US English:



  • 1With regard to routine functioning, especially of an organization or system.

    ‘hiring part-time workers will not benefit the employer operationally’
    ‘this organization is still not operationally effective’
    • ‘The software should help the company manage relationships with distributors, hospitals, clinics, and physicians - both operationally and strategically.’
    • ‘The three alternatives were chosen because they span a spectrum running from an acquisition, or business-focused structure, to an operationally focused structure.’
    • ‘The blueprint must be detailed enough to describe the operationally relevant information about a server.’
    • ‘The money also funds the operationally independent Industry New Zealand.’
    • ‘We navigate the challenging capital markets as they work to improve their business operationally and financially.’
    • ‘Whilst the company has done well operationally, the share price may have run ahead a little too far.’
    • ‘Academia, historically, has not been as operationally efficient as Fortune 500 companies.’
    • ‘The therapeutic relationship has been operationally defined and studied more extensively than any other dimension of psychotherapy.’
    • ‘Operationally, again we received high client satisfaction results.’
    • ‘In an operationally driven company, how do we show that being customer oriented is important?’
    1. 1.1 With regard to active operations of the armed forces, police, or emergency services.
      ‘no British service personnel have been deployed operationally’
      ‘highly mobile and operationally effective military equipment’
      • ‘Hospital corpsmen keep soldiers well and operationally ready in the field.’
      • ‘Operationally brilliant, the attack was nonetheless strategically disastrous.’
      • ‘Only half a squadron was operationally capable by the fall of 2002.’
      • ‘Air power was not operationally constrained by geographic barriers like mountains, rivers or oceans.’
      • ‘The PAC-3 missile is the first operationally deployed hit-to-kill weapon system capable of defeating all known air and missile defense threats.’
      • ‘There we were operationally trained to fly Blenheim aircraft.’
      • ‘Civilians can play several operationally significant roles.’
      • ‘It is fundamental to our system that the police must remain operationally independent.’
      • ‘The Marines and Sailors of Small Craft Company are operationally testing the Small Unit Riverine Craft.’
      • ‘The new system had not arrived; therefore, the unit was not mentally or operationally prepared to perform its wartime mission.’