Definition of opera cloak in US English:

opera cloak


  • A cloak of rich material worn over evening clothes, especially by women.

    • ‘He wafts about in his opera cloak, issuing orders to trembling orchestral musicians, his head stuck in a vanishing age, imagining himself to be at the top of his tree, seemingly unaware that it is rotting.’
    • ‘Colourful prayer flags, a sumptuous French opera cloak and an altar made of a pile of suitcases transport us to the varying worlds inhabited by Alexandra.’
    • ‘My stepfather was bar-tending in the same bar and one night John Barrymore, who was appearing on stage in Chicago, came in after the show, wearing a long opera cloak and a cloche hat, to have a nightcap.’
    • ‘Nathalie Hambro mixes and matches with skill that dazzles, Sera Hersham Loftus uses items such as an old linen sheet and an Edwardian opera cloak in ways that would never occur to most people.’
    • ‘Apart from my opera cloak and cane, I don't answer to that description.’
    • ‘It wasn't just trotting out the same old screen clichés about pasty-faced men with Eastern European accents in opera cloaks.’