Definition of opening in US English:



  • 1An aperture or gap, especially one allowing access.

    ‘she peered through one of the smaller openings’
    • ‘I position the chains to allow a slight opening, big enough for my hand to slip through and retrieve a small jar of honey.’
    • ‘Just as an opening in traffic came along she was knocked in the shoulder roughly by a passer by.’
    • ‘The ground floor needs 14 window openings made with sandstone surrounds.’
    • ‘The conductors on the substrates include end portions having bonding vias formed therethrough in alignment with access openings in the substrates.’
    • ‘Think of a fly trying to get out of a window with a narrow opening.’
    • ‘This was the opening of the secret passage leading to her own room on the third floor.’
    • ‘She brought Ross in on the project, and he designed the slightly conical space with window openings positioned in relation to astronomical movements.’
    • ‘But there is no direct evidence that the fresh air supply opening was in fact blocked in any way on this occasion.’
    • ‘It also plays a crucial symbolic role merely through its function as an opening for the passage of light.’
    • ‘The light source is projected over the sample surface onto the opening of aperture 2.’
    • ‘Inside a group could gather, it would be comfortable for two and you could see the stars through the round opening in the roof.’
    • ‘Assistance in installing the new tubing may be provided by minimally invasive surgical access openings in the patient's chest.’
    • ‘And the handle's efficiently designed openings allow a good view of the work.’
    • ‘During fetal development, this opening allows blood in the fetus to bypass the lungs.’
    • ‘It is clad entirely in shiny corrugated metal - even window openings have perforated metal outer skins.’
    • ‘The design of the diaphragms took into account the openings required for access ladders and an elevator that will take visitors from the base of one leg of the tower to the observation area.’
    • ‘Double zipper openings allow easy entry and exit of casualties.’
    • ‘This moist, cool, and heavy air then falls down the shafts and into the living spaces through the door openings at the bottom.’
    • ‘He stops and stares, obviously stunned at seeing the opening of the hidden passage.’
    • ‘Construction is of rendered rubble walls, with brick features around window and door openings, brick quoins and a pitched slated roof.’
    • ‘The metal facade framing the unit has sculptural openings that allow air to circulate around the firebox.’
    • ‘Metaphorically, the mass is supposed to have been eroded by time and weather, so revealing its strata, and allowing openings to be created for access and light.’
    • ‘Wide root openings allow teeth to quickly replace tooth material lost through intense chewing.’
    • ‘Contractors differ on the methods they use to determine the location of roof and ceiling openings in homes with attics or crawl spaces.’
    • ‘Steel framing allows for longer wall openings and glass comers, working with the single-loaded plan to ventilate the house with ocean breezes.’
    • ‘Original internal features include the kilns, low ceiling heights between floors, steeping tanks and shutter mechanisms for window openings.’
    • ‘I throw myself out the opening and sprint along the min-corridor into the main room again.’
    • ‘The garden will also have two new openings to give greater access to the precinct and act as a walkway between Pickwick Road South and the extended supermarket.’
    • ‘He was just standing there, in the small space at the small opening by my room.’
    • ‘In reviewing these codes, one finds no prescriptions for preventing child access to laundry chute openings.’
    • ‘Patio doors and glass openings provide visual access to the water.’
    • ‘Before birth, babies don't breathe through their lungs and this opening allows blood to flow freely through the heart.’
    • ‘After a certain amount of toing and froing with the national park, we agreed on sandstone for the new window openings.’
    • ‘The opening of the airway allowed the Marine to get the oxygen needed to survive.’
    • ‘At the time, the mill building was an empty shell stripped back to its stone walls and with the window openings blocked over with corrugated iron.’
    • ‘The trousers have seat and knee patches, pass through pockets, and zippered leg openings to allow easy donning and doffing without removing the footwear.’
    • ‘Heavy sliding steel grilles screen the openings, but also allow views into the entrance hall beyond.’
    • ‘Above all, the female body was assumed to be moulded, enclosed: all openings sealed, all passage denied.’
    • ‘Place windows and openings along the sidewalk.’
    • ‘Other researchers took imprints of the plant's surface to look for tiny openings that would allow the fragrance to escape, and tissue samples to study biochemistry.’
    hole, gap, aperture, space, orifice, vent, slot, window, crack, slit, gash, split, fissure, perforation, cleft, crevice, cut, incision, rent, cavity, cranny, groove, chink, eye, mouth
    doorway, gateway, portal, way, entrance, entry, entryway, means of entry, way in, entrée, access, means of access, exit, egress, way out
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  • 2A beginning; an initial part.

    ‘Maya started tapping out the opening of her story’
    • ‘But everything you pointed out in the opening is exactly what's taking place in the city.’
    • ‘Also, the opening to the story wasn't written by either me or my friend.’
    • ‘This proposition was most overtly put in the arrangement of the opening of The Dawn of Photography.’
    • ‘Let me quote a short part of his guessing-game, prefaced by his usual opening.’
    • ‘Immediately Ron launched into the opening of ‘This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us’.’
    • ‘Good openings might include a story, a camper situation that they might have to deal with, a staff!’
    • ‘The opening and title story makes it very clear that every word counts, and must be weighed for meaning, both obvious and hidden.’
    • ‘During the big pauses between each of the short, sobbing phrases at the opening of the Tristan prelude, you could have heard a pin drop.’
    • ‘I remember at school when I was set homework assignments for English and we had to write about a page of writing for openings of horror stories.’
    • ‘Its slowburning choppy intro starts like the opening to a Jewish hymn, before the entire band bursts into a kaleidoscopic sound addiction.’
    • ‘My old habits took over and I started my usual openings with small talk.’
    • ‘The morning news speaks of battlefield deaths and capture, reminding us that easy, unopposed openings do not tell the complete story of a war.’
    beginning, start, outset, inception, launch, birth, dawn
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    1. 2.1 The occasion of a play, exhibition, public building, etc. being declared open or ready for use, marked by a celebratory gathering or ceremony.
      • ‘A double opening will offer new paintings by Aaron Hill entitled Inheritance.’
      • ‘Those with the stamina could join in the colloquium of sages held every morning or tour the art exhibitions and special openings of historic buildings in half a dozen sites around the city.’
      • ‘Recently a number of people gathered together for a ceremony for the opening of ‘the gate’.’
      • ‘Anyway, I agreed to have the work ready for the opening of the Autumn Show in September.’
      • ‘Large crowds were gathered to celebrate the opening of a new sewage plant, another step along the road of reconstruction.’
      • ‘Children at the Morden school had double cause for celebration with the opening of a building extension on Wednesday.’
      • ‘Minister McCreevy said that the opening of the centre would provide an opportunity for the people of Athy to look forward.’
      • ‘Working with a gallery also provides opportunities for shows, openings, announcements and newspaper or magazine articles.’
      • ‘Minister of State Martin Cullen unveiled a wall plaque in the foyer of the new Employment Centre to mark its official opening.’
      • ‘A dozen talented children from all over the Stratford area are making ready for the opening of a new musical, Alice!’
      • ‘Friday saw the official opening of Co-operative Bulk Handling's facility upgrade at Northampton.’
      • ‘A pageant of pupils celebrated their school's history as they welcomed the opening of its new building.’
      • ‘They can't really celebrate the opening of the building without the architect.’
      • ‘The official opening of the centre will be held next September.’
      • ‘After the ceremonial opening, a hymn should be read from the Guru Granth Sahib.’
      • ‘The official opening will take place on Tuesday 16 and the library will be open to the public on Thursday 18.’
      • ‘Nine staff members celebrated the opening by cutting a ribbon and cracking open a bottle of champagne.’
      • ‘The Upper Eden Cycling Club turned out in force to celebrate the opening of the centre and following the ceremony headed off to Hawes for a round cycle route.’
      • ‘From crips autumn apples to hot Broadway openings, the season offers treats for every taste.’
      • ‘One of the most lavish official openings in recent times took place last Saturday when the new Golden Meadows Retirement Village was completed and is now available for business.’
      opening ceremony, official opening, launch, initiation, inauguration, institution, foundation, establishment, setting up, formation, constitution, opening night, premiere, first night, first showing
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    2. 2.2Chess A recognized sequence of moves at the beginning of a game.
      • ‘Because this opening is a mainstay in the repertoires of tens of thousands of amateurs.’
      • ‘He also did a credible job of outlining the main ideas of this opening in the introduction.’
      • ‘The idea is that one can play this opening without having to memorize a great number of lines.’
      • ‘If you are looking for an offbeat new opening, this book may be the answer to your dreams.’
      • ‘In 2000 I earned an expert's rating by playing aggressive chess openings.’
    3. 2.3 An attorney's preliminary statement of a case in a court of law.
      • ‘The jury was empanelled, and counsel for the Crown began his opening, which was not completed on the first day.’
      • ‘It was, however, mentioned in the opening of counsel for Wang.’
      • ‘There were to be full oral openings by all parties projected to occupy four weeks at the start of the trial.’
      • ‘Of course, so it had been, in the passage of the pleadings to which I took your Honours in my opening.’
      • ‘There had been an opening made by senior counsel for the appellant which disclosed certain aspects of the defence case.’
      introduction, preamble, opening remarks, prefatory remarks, formalities
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    4. 2.4US An open piece of ground in a wooded area; a clearing.
      ‘I reached an opening in the forest’
      • ‘The trees began to thin around their path, and it soon led into a great opening.’
      • ‘Forest openings and clearings and agricultural areas are also good habitat for the Western Bluebird.’
      • ‘They prefer areas with scattered openings rather than large tracts of unbroken forest.’
      • ‘They generally breed in wet areas or other openings near the tree line.’
      • ‘The trees will be planted in small natural openings and areas ravaged by fires or logging.’
      • ‘We hacked and slashed our way through the forest until we reached a huge opening.’
  • 3An opportunity to achieve something.

    ‘they seem to have exploited fully the openings offered’
    • ‘It is my opinion that Hashem uses every possible opening to allow the world to love Him.’
    • ‘Karl stood and put both hands on the table, realizing Sara had created the opening for his offer.’
    • ‘The circulating libraries offered new openings for sales, and the rising success of periodicals provided more work until well into the 20th cent.’
    • ‘Entrepreneurs with an eye for opportunities have seized on openings offered by the JFPM to create their own niche markets in the complex.’
    • ‘Once one learns to become unpredictable, all kinds of openings and opportunities present themselves.’
    • ‘Yet the opening to the West offered by the EU could bring huge economic benefits to Iran.’
    • ‘They haven't had many openings that are this opportune for them, and so they're naturally taking it, and you know, one can't blame them, that's politics.’
    • ‘The prices being paid for existing businesses and the rents being offered for new openings are in many cases unsustainable.’
    • ‘Both these openings offer defense against a German strike into Munich and the easy opportunity to pick up both Iberian supply centers in 1901.’
    • ‘But he almost never treats it at face value, preferring to allow interpretive openings into this method of interpretation.’
    • ‘So it's almost like there is an opening, an opportunity, to communicate with the spirit world.’
    • ‘You and Gabrielle can see opportunities and openings that we can't, and you're both fast enough to take them.’
    • ‘It may be an ideal opening for someone who has never had an opportunity to try out for the small screen but would love to find out more.’
    • ‘Do you get the sense that this newfound attention towards Canadian bands in the States has also offered any openings towards hip-hop artists like yourself?’
    • ‘The transitions to democracy and the openings they appeared to offer were another source.’
    • ‘Don't close the door on the majority of the openings and career opportunities that are out there.’
    • ‘A top forty single would fit the bill nicely, and would offer openings into all kinds of other stuff - most notably magickal stuff.’
    • ‘He had spotted that when Louis threw his left jab, he tended to drop his guard, leaving an opening that might be exploited.’
    • ‘As of late she hadn't spoken about Casey; and I haven't offered her an opening to do so.’
    • ‘Active travel between life's new stages creates new openings, new chances.’
    opportunity, chance, favourable moment, favourable occasion, favourable time, right set of circumstances, moment, occasion, window, window of opportunity, possibility, turn, time
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    1. 3.1 An available job or position.
      ‘an opening for a professional engineer in the public works department’
      • ‘Fortunately, an opening became available in the employer's parts department and he was afforded that job.’
      • ‘I am writing to enquire for any possible openings in your firm.’
      • ‘In a nutshell, students can post their resumes on the system and employers can post job openings.’
      • ‘When an opening became available on his staff, Foster offered Williams a job as assistant coach.’
      • ‘Yes, there is life even after retirement with plenty of openings in ship building industry and shipping lines.’
      • ‘What jobs seem to have the most openings in your area?’
      • ‘Todd Brun has put together a list of faculty openings and postdoctoral positions available in quantum information processing.’
      • ‘Most chains advertise the available openings in newspapers.’
      • ‘I was hired because those most concerned wanted a vigorous lecturer to fill the available opening.’
      • ‘Our behind the scenes volunteer staff is pretty full right now, but there is always a chance that an opening will arrive.’
      • ‘Local students or students not requiring travel assistance can apply for the Volunteer Program if openings are available.’
      • ‘There are many good openings available, and relatively few bad ones.’
      • ‘The cost of a public school and university education was high for middle-class families, and there was increased competition for available openings in the professions.’
      • ‘The site contains listings for job openings that have been posted with the country's federal labour office and are linked to job exchanges.’
      • ‘Chiu said the remaining 7,828 openings are available to young men aged between 18 and 27.’
      • ‘I'll be looking for new openings eventually, and will start ramping up my freelancing as of today.’
      • ‘There were no professional openings available to me in Scotland at the time.’
      • ‘The following tips might help bridge the gap IL between available workers and job openings.’
      • ‘It is the construction industry which has openings for professional and graduate level entrants, from engineers to architects to craft roles, such as building and painting and decorating.’
      • ‘The good press, usually driven by the local population, hails new job openings and increased availability of a multitude of products at affordable prices.’
      vacancy, position, job, opportunity
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  • attributive Coming at the beginning of something; initial.

    ‘she stole the show with her opening remark’
    • ‘Fans had packed pubs across the district, turning them into a sea of red and white shirts and St George's flags to watch England's opening match.’
    • ‘More than 140 attendees observed the opening remarks, made in a spacious conference centre.’
    • ‘He may have been high and wide with the free but he knew how to find the back of the net for the opening goal of the match less than sixty seconds later.’
    • ‘He justified his inclusion on the British Lions tour of Australia in the summer, scoring a try in the opening test match in Adelaide which the Lions won.’
    • ‘He hinted that his team could take both matches on the opening day but he said that he would not let his players be pressured by overly high hopes.’
    • ‘They also contested the opening match of the inaugural Asian test championship at Calcutta.’
    • ‘A number of myths are likely to have been dispelled almost as soon as Friday's opening match between France and Senegal has been completed.’
    • ‘In my opening remarks at the beginning of the hearing I drew attention to this.’
    • ‘The competition commenced on the eve of India's opening match against Holland.’
    • ‘Not that endless hours of blissful slumber prevented him nodding off during his team's opening match against Japan on Tuesday.’
    • ‘The remaining places in the main draw will be filled through the qualifying matches on the opening three days of the competition.’
    • ‘The opening exchanges were evenly matched but the visitor eventually made the breakthrough on 25 minutes.’
    • ‘Newbridge shared the points with North Kildare in this opening league match of the season, played at Rosetown.’
    • ‘The fact that he was chosen at centre fort Ireland's opening match down under highlights his all-round ability.’
    • ‘Indeed, they might have won the league too but for losing their opening two matches and then going the remainder of the trip undefeated.’
    • ‘It is just reward for two years of hard work for Handley, who was disappointed to be left out of the side for Britain's opening two matches.’
    • ‘The sides were evenly matched for the opening thirty minutes with the winners only having a three point lead at the interval.’
    • ‘The opening match was a lesson that will be recorded in World Cup history; everyone has learned something.’
    • ‘The home side started brightly and they did have the visitors defence under real pressure during the opening minutes of the match.’
    • ‘A giant screen would be in place to telecast India's opening match with Holland.’