Definition of open to offers in US English:

open to offers


  • Willing to sell something or do a job for a reasonable price.

    • ‘The team is open to offers this spring but probably won't listen once the season begins.’
    • ‘Mind you, if anyone wants to buy the rights to the name of my Automania column, I am open to offers.’
    • ‘It is open to offers and no official bids have been made to date.’
    • ‘Some developers do not formally cut prices or give incentives, but are open to offers.’
    • ‘It's been on the market for a while now so we are open to offers.’
    • ‘It may suit families trading up and the auctioneers are open to offers in the region of 350000.’
    • ‘He is open to offers and given the composed manner of his two performances prior to last night's goal, he should get some.’
    • ‘The agents say they are open to offers but would expect the entire site to achieve a price in the region of £7 million.’
    • ‘The pilots have officially declared themselves open to offers by advertising their services in the international maritime press.’
    • ‘It suggests one of Australia's longest-serving bank executives is still open to offers.’