Definition of open road in US English:

open road


  • A road or highway allowing easy travel, especially one outside an urban area.

    ‘we hit the open road and raced along’
    • ‘Panic over, we headed for the open road, just me and the car.’
    • ‘Americans yearning for the open road and the wind in their hair bought 'em up.’
    • ‘It's quite perky as you amble off in second gear and once on the open road there's a good surge of power from around 3,500 rpm as the turbo kicks in giving useful torque rather than scary amounts.’
    • ‘The barn was definitely warmer than the open road outside, without the stiff breeze that had blown each of the past three nights.’
    • ‘A sleeping child, the open road and a car with a bit of kick: could any parent ask for anything more?’
    • ‘This makes parking a doddle, and provides brilliant feel on the open road.’
    • ‘While city streets are best seen from the plush interiors of hired limos, the open road is where you take the wheel yourself and go your own way.’
    • ‘This inherent balance translates into fantastic poise on the open road.’
    • ‘On the open road the superbly-designed steering wheel, mounted cruise and audio controls make sure you do not get distracted from driving.’
    • ‘And without cruise control you are constantly watching the speedo on the open road.’
    • ‘It's light and easy to manoeuvre and towns simply serve as a minor delay until you can wind things up on the open road again.’
    • ‘On the open road it is more than capable, the sole criticism being that crosswinds seem to unsettle it a little.’
    • ‘It does enjoy a swift canter out on the open road.’
    • ‘It's firm, but Hartge's kit is amazingly forgiving on the open road.’
    • ‘On the open road, refinement is highly impressive.’
    • ‘But on the open road, Nellie is wearing her tutu and striking a perfect arabesque.’
    • ‘On the open road, loaded or otherwise, this vehicle is a joy to drive.’
    • ‘This is a van designed for the rural environment from where I write this publication - the lanes of Devon pose it few problems, although it is equally at home on the open road.’
    • ‘I slipped behind the wheel again, feeling a reassuring familiarity; it was time to hit the open road.’
    • ‘On the open road, with the top up, and you behaving yourself, it's a quiet, relaxed cruiser.’