Definition of open mike in US English:

open mike

(also open mic)


  • often as modifier A session in a club during which anyone is welcome to sing or perform stand-up comedy.

    ‘if this was an open mike session she would be booed off stage’
    • ‘Vicki will perform poetry from her book on the night and there will also be an open mike spot and music.’
    • ‘Later in the evening, an open mike session was planned for the young people to showcase their talents on stage.’
    • ‘What we got was open mike night at the TSN Comedy Club.’
    • ‘They're having open mike tonight with a surprise performer.’
    • ‘A one-man polemic on small-town violence, this play comes through the frame of an open mike night in a local bar.’
    • ‘Go during open mike night; the admission is cheaper, and the ‘unintentional comedy’ factor is high.’
    • ‘But he eventually decided to focus on his own songwriting, headed east, and by 1996 was flexing his talent at open mike nights in New York.’
    • ‘My husband used to do open mike night a lot - those guys would sit around and drink their beers and cheer each other up.’
    • ‘Hoffman jams at Weaver's Arms open mike night every Wednesday.’
    • ‘It's hard to believe the comedy circuit could be so open, but friends tell me it is, with open mike sessions giving plenty of opportunity to be seen.’
    • ‘Performers have a maximum of eight minutes to perform as many pieces as they wish, plus there'll be open mike sessions and music for the punters.’
    • ‘He is living in a scruffy apartment, hosting an open mike comedy show in an obscure hole-in-the-wall venue, and is completely depressed that he's going nowhere.’
    • ‘On Wednesday night a trad session will take place with lots of song, dance, comedy, open mike and dancing.’
    • ‘A few years back, Dave started an open mike poetry night at the pub.’
    • ‘If this was an open mike session she would be booed off stage.’
    • ‘It was open mike night when he gave the interview.’
    • ‘Next door is a coffee shop that had an open mike night.’
    • ‘Any performers are welcome to share their skills at the open mike session - musicians, dancers, poets, puppeteers, raconteurs and actors.’
    • ‘The event will also include an open mike session and any Aboriginal performers are welcome to turn up and share their talents.’
    • ‘The march rallied again in front of the federal building, where an open mike session was held.’


open mike

/ˈōpən mīk//ˈoʊpən maɪk/