Definition of open line in US English:

open line


  • 1A telephone line on which conversations can be overheard or intercepted by others.

    ‘they never ring in to hospitals on an open line’
    • ‘There is nothing more crucial than keeping open lines of full communication between parents and child.’
    • ‘The Pacific War could have been avoided if Japan and the United States had more open lines of communication.’
    • ‘Keep an open line of communication and share your thoughts and emotions.’
    • ‘Clear and open lines of communication are important to energize this environment.’
    • ‘Health care providers can help elders maintain open lines, or reopen long-neglected pathways of communication and self-expression.’
    • ‘The most valuable tool we use to accomplish these tasks is an open line of communication.’
    • ‘He knows that an open line of communication is best for everyone, and it's what is necessary if the sport is going to move on.’
    • ‘More open lines of communication have been established to better serve student needs.’
    • ‘Parents need to ensure that their children are eating a well-balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep and that there is an open line of communication.’
    • ‘She establishes open lines of communication and an atmosphere of mutual respect among all members of her surgical team.’
    • ‘Calvin wants more than anything to have open lines of communication running through his family again.’
    • ‘In our case, we made sure that there was an open line of communication between our team and the operators.’
    • ‘We have a talented and dedicated management team, committed leadership at the state and chapter level, active committees and discussion groups and an open line of communication at all levels.’
    • ‘He began by holding up his mobile phone saying, ‘This telephone has an open line to a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.’’
    • ‘‘We had to open lines of communication and lines of supply in places where we did not necessarily want to put boots on the ground,’ Capt. Homes explained.’
    • ‘The parents' wishes are also factored in to this decision, so an open line of communication between you and the doctor is very important.’
    • ‘Whether you initiate the phone call or are returning one, it is all based on keeping an open line of communication.’
    • ‘He wanted a replacement who would be more willing to have an open line of communication with his chain of command.’
    • ‘The best thing you can do is to be honest about your feelings, and to keep open lines of communication.’
    • ‘A good superintendent knows the members, their likes and dislikes, and keeps an open line of communication with the club during the renovation.’
    1. 1.1 A means of easy access or communication.
      ‘to keep an open line to the White House’


  • Denoting a radio or television program in which the public can participate by phone.

    ‘the open-line portion of his daily radio show’
    • ‘After a few years running an open-line radio show, Kiviaq entered law school.’
    • ‘‘Newspapers were denouncing me, open-line shows too, and people were phoning me up and threatening me, but a few MPs gave me support, as did the Commissioner of Official Languages,’ Thibodeau says.’
    • ‘One caller to an open-line radio show quipped: ‘Ralph can run the country half-drunk better than the other people we have in charge.’’


open line

/ˈoʊpən laɪn/