Definition of open doors (or the door) in US English:

open doors (or the door)


  • Create opportunities for success.

    ‘even a small effort to speak a local language can open doors’
    ‘internships can open doors for college students’
    ‘her research has opened the door to a deeper understanding of the subject’
    • ‘We open doors for innovative businesswomen by providing invaluable access to international contacts, networks and opportunities without them having to leave Australia.’
    • ‘They challenged taboos and opened doors for future women to share their own stories.’
    • ‘The tuition waiver for children raised in care was pioneered to open doors for kids without family or financial support to attend university.’
    • ‘We have created a curriculum that will open doors for our students to get them their next step into higher apprenticeships, higher education, or employment.’
    • ‘The fictional Rosie became a symbol of how the war opened doors for American women to enter factories and take on labour jobs previously reserved for men.’
    • ‘He shared the principal's vision that technology, implemented properly, can help open doors for children.’
    • ‘The event opened doors for designers to showcase their creativity.’
    • ‘The policies are at odds with other countries that are opening doors for entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘He can never lose his temper, or he will lose this grand opportunity to open doors for other minorities.’
    • ‘This person can help open doors for you in the future, but as with any long-term relationship, don't rush it.’
    • ‘Social media has opened doors for these businesses achieve better success in marketing.’
    • ‘He hopes his case could open doors for many others like him.’