Definition of open day in US English:

open day


  • A day when members of the public may visit a place or institution to which they do not usually have access; an open house.

    • ‘The club is a credit to our association and has always had travelling members to open days, invitation days, pennants etc. and even to this day are still the best travellers in our area.’
    • ‘It also encourages greater involvement in wider community events such as local festivals and open days.’
    • ‘If previous naval reviews and visiting ship open days in Sydney are any indication the people of Sydney will flock to see their international guests.’
    • ‘She said exhibitions and open days showed the park has tried to be transparent about plans.’
    • ‘Rooms were used on race days, public open days and pre-booked groups, which viewed the course from the rear of the building.’
    • ‘At present the volunteer-run Bus Museum Trust can only display its vehicles to the public on rare open days or special trips.’
    • ‘Two health care support workers from the maternity unit at Salisbury District Hospital visited the open day.’
    • ‘I was put off by some because of their negative attitudes and the problems they could see for themselves by accepting me after a preliminary visit at their open days.’
    • ‘There are open days when the public can meet and speak with representatives of Barbican Venture, and existing staff are being met as well.’
    • ‘Both courts have received a Charter Mark, after implementing open days to explain procedures, and improving access for the disabled.’
    • ‘Empty plots on one allotment site were snapped up like hot cakes when the site held an open day for the public.’
    • ‘Farmers have been advised to check their farms are safe before hosting a visit or an open day.’
    • ‘Children will also be able to join in, with cookery workshops, a mad hatter's tea party and countryside open days organised especially for the youngsters.’
    • ‘A public open day will be held once an environmental study has been completed.’
    • ‘The public contributed on an open day, before the forum's conclusions were fed back to the city council.’
    • ‘The open day coincided with normal rehearsals and visitors were able to sit in as the young musical maestros performed.’
    • ‘Involve grandparents in your child's life, such as inviting them to school concerts and open days or birthday parties.’
    • ‘The only occasions on which it could be opened more generally to the public were open days when the children were not on the premises.’
    • ‘Now it has had its first public open day when children performed on drums and guests were treated to food grown in the garden.’
    • ‘The town council hopes most of the work could be paid for through grants, but 76 per cent of those who visited it on the open days said they would be willing to pay extra council tax to fund it.’