Definition of open date in English:

open date


  • A future date for which no event has yet been arranged.

    • ‘Will the players be able to avoid the kind of mental and physical mistakes that plague so many teams coming off open dates?’
    • ‘For the eighth consecutive season, the Colts are coming off an open date with a game at home.’
    • ‘But with the scrapping of last weekend's games and an open date this weekend, the team has plenty of time to get healthy for its next game, September 30 at Buffalo.’
    • ‘All of which is especially worth noting this week, because two of the league's worst defenses - Cincinnati and Tennessee - have an open date, and the remaining matchups seemingly leave a lot of fantasy lineup decisions too close to call.’
    • ‘Following the open date, several injured players should return.’
    • ‘The caller was Giants coach Tom Coughlin, whose team had an open date that day.’
    • ‘Perhaps his more focused play will help the team after the open date.’
    • ‘Two home games and an open date are on the horizon, so the good times could continue - if the offense, spotty against the Bears, picks up.’
    • ‘It's a sprint to the finish, no more open dates, which means no one gets a week off… excluding, of course, defenses facing the Bears.’
    • ‘While having a deep bench is critical in September and October, it's less imperative once teams quit having open dates.’
    • ‘The league's newest team is 1-0 in the division and 3-3 going into its open date.’
    • ‘After all, we are in the midst of open dates in which everyone's rosters will be taxed, giving you a chance to win even with a dinged-up team.’
    • ‘They play the Colts on Sunday and then, after an open date, face the Eagles and Broncos.’
    • ‘The league and the players association should consider this compromise: allow some hitting in an offseason minicamp and another week to the regular seas by giving each team two open dates.’
    • ‘Now that all the NFL teams have had their open dates, there's little reason to stash away that third quarterback or sixth wide receiver in leagues of standard depth.’
    • ‘He will have to eliminate the errors if he wants a shot on defense… The team has made a concerted effort to get the running game going since its open date.’
    • ‘Here's what you can count on: trouble when the open dates start.’
    • ‘After an open date, the team will play November 11 at Philadelphia, a team that also will try to mount a second-half run at the playoffs.’
    • ‘The open dates for the two teams were incorrect in the September 3 issue.’
    • ‘After an open date this weekend, the Rams begin the stretch run, with six of their final nine games against division opponents.’