Definition of open circuit in US English:

open circuit


  • An electrical circuit that is not complete.

    • ‘The capacitance settings for each amplifier were calibrated in open circuit by measurement of the charge required for a 10-mV voltage step and a correction equation applied to all dial measurements of cell capacitance.’
    • ‘This is an example of an open circuit, a gap in the loop preventing charge carriers from moving, thus preventing current.’
    • ‘As such, metal lines are formed so as to extend into the depression without a breach that would otherwise leave an open circuit during attempted use.’
    • ‘Checking a shorted part's easy: Just connect an ohmmeter, and if it never charges up to an open circuit, then it's either leaky or shorted.’
    • ‘In a preferred embodiment enabled by an electroluminescent system without a back electrode, a fingerprint is disposed to close the open circuit by making contact and thereby serving as a ‘temporary’ back electrode.’
    • ‘In an open circuit, the free charges would simply remain on the electrodes and a voltage could be measured.’
    • ‘The Databus Network / Harness Tester isolates all common wiring faults (short circuits, shorts to shield, open circuits and cross-overs, etc.) on any aircraft with a databus harness system.’
    • ‘Oxygen uptake was measured breath by breath with an open circuit.’


open circuit

/ˈōpən ˈsərkət/