Definition of open carry in US English:

open carry


North American
  • The practice of openly carrying a firearm on one's person in public.

    ‘gun enthusiasts and supporters of open carry flocked to the meeting’
    Compare with concealed carry
    as modifier ‘open carry laws’
    • ‘The latter point may require amendment, however, as Arizona law permits open carry throughout the state, including on shooting ranges.’
    • ‘The state's gun policies are relatively libertarian: Open carry is legal without a permit, and concealed carry requires a permit that is easy to get, with localities forbidden to impose tougher rules.’
    • ‘It neither encourages nor discourages the "open carry" laws of the state of Arizona.’
    • ‘In most parts of the U.S., open carry stopped being customary well before the vogue for firearms prohibition that began in the 1960s.’
    • ‘Open carry is legal in most states.’
    • ‘Is the requirement of open carry an impermissible burden on people's privacy?’
    • ‘You can defend yourself pretty much as well with an openly carried gun as with a concealed carry gun (there are pluses and minuses to open carry, but on balance the purely functional difference isn't that vast) - but only if you're willing to let everyone around you know that you're armed.’
    • ‘Phoenix police said the men carrying guns at Monday's event did not need permits, as the state of Arizona has an "open carry" law.’
    • ‘Where I live in PA, shall-issue permits are required for concealed carry, but there are no restrictions on open carry other than the federally-mandated ones on K-12 schools, courthouses and other restricted areas.’
    • ‘I come from another state where open carry is legal but no one does it.’
    • ‘Supporters of the so-called "open carry" movement argue that sidearms should be precisely that - a common accessory to be worn freely.’
    • ‘Arizona has an open carry law and a police officer said the man was doing absolutely nothing illegally.’
    • ‘I'm all for open carry, but I think there's an appropriate time and place to do so.’