Definition of open bar in US English:

open bar


  • A bar at a special function at which the drinks have been paid for by the host or are prepaid through the admission fee.

    • ‘It was nothing short of astonishing to me to find the same place transformed into a movie nightclub scene where the multiple open bars were presided over by a monumental bronze Buddha and assorted antique weaponry in display cases.’
    • ‘Once the open bar closed and people actually had to pay for drinks everyone split and headed down to Fringeware Bookstore on Guadalupe, who were having a sidewalk and in store keg party.’
    • ‘Willow Creek did not furnish the drinks on the golf course, but did staff the open bar at the clubhouse where the coupons for drinks were redeemed.’
    • ‘He led Kelley over to the open bar, and ordered two screwdrivers.’
    • ‘We were already on our third drink at the open bar of the Boston Globe party when things started getting weird.’
    • ‘Not only is there an open bar, there's a premium open bar offering Jäger, vodka, Martinis and much more, as well as hors d' oeuvres and on-site masseurs and masseuses (licensed, hopefully).’
    • ‘I just spent the weekend in Chicago at a social function with an open bar, which, in all seriousness, might be my favorite place in the whole world, save for maybe a doubleheader at Busch Stadium.’
    • ‘Regular open bar is from 9-10 pm and there are drink specials after that so you can party all night.’
    • ‘And not only are there more entries than ever, but almost all entries are increasing in quality and functionality, making the choice of our favorites akin to deciding on a drink at an open bar with a one-drink limit.’
    • ‘Although the bowling green is surrounded by loud, open bars with motor bikes screaming past without silencers, the owner was amazed by a complaint from a nearby condo dweller that the lawn mower was too loud.’
    • ‘They said they made the mistake of hanging around for a third drink at the open bar.’
    • ‘To celebrate, the Culture Club night is hosting an open bar from 10 p.m. to midnight with free buffet before midnight and prize giveaways.’
    • ‘The menu featured lobster, shrimp, steak and chocolate-covered strawberries - washed down by all the booze attendees could guzzle from the open bar.’
    • ‘The governor's party was an extravaganza with three fountains oozing chocolate fondue, a pasta bar, an omelet bar - and several open bars for alcohol.’
    • ‘Nick tops off his beer and declares an open bar, trying to lure me off the wagon.’
    • ‘I arrived a bit late and brought my own booze even though there was an open bar.’
    • ‘And for the sake of your mother, will there be an open bar?’
    • ‘During Europe's biggest arms trade exhibition, firearms companies routinely offer hospitality to guests in their booths with snacks and refreshment centers featuring open bars.’
    • ‘I didn't think he was all that, but the tone for the night had already been set, and the open bars and the good vibes ensured that the dance floor was constantly filled until the very last song was played.’
    • ‘An after-work cocktail party at a small bar, with an open bar from 6 to 8, won't be too expensive.’


open bar

/ˈoʊpən bɑr/