Definition of open-eyed in US English:



  • 1With the eyes open or wide open.

    • ‘He said that after reviewing widely broadcast video footage of Terri Schiavo - in which she stares open-eyed and open-mouthed - he concluded that the diagnosis of ‘persistent vegetative state’ was in error.’
    • ‘As Melanda wiped the sweat from her face, which came from the heat of the stage lights on the ceiling, Kenneth almost fell into an open-eyed coma.’
    • ‘Somehow he had dozed off into an open-eyed slumber, unaware of the goings on of the outside world.’
    • ‘At birth they weigh about 100 gm and are open-eyed, well-furred, and active.’
    • ‘The pictures are so fascinating that it's hard to go back to normal open-eyed vision.’
    • ‘The most extraordinary part of this research was that different kittens' neural responses were the same, regardless of whether the kittens had spent their first open-eyed days in total darkness or in light.’
    • ‘My open-eyed hours are spent worrying about not getting to sleep and wondering why no one's ever invented a concealer that really does cover up bags and shadows.’
    • ‘Into this process each member of the audience is drawn, like the open-eyed sleepwalking Lady Macbeth.’
    • ‘He stood, then they latched finger-tips and she submerged her head, bubbling, open-eyed, her practice from the pellucid Aegean, her much-admired feat.’
    • ‘Bounce, bounce, bounce goes the ball, accelerating and decelerating; and all the while the paraplegic athlete stares open-eyed at the lens, one of his legs involuntarily jerking from his efforts.’
    1. 1.1 Clear-sighted; perceptive; fully aware.
      ‘an open-eyed approach to political manipulation’
      • ‘Whatever happened to that other Brahminism, the vigilant, flexible, open-eyed responsiveness to the sensory world, embodied by Drona?’
      • ‘But the ex-chairman of Johnston Press is open-eyed about the dangers of a referendum.’
      • ‘On the other hand, his persistent, open-eyed probing of the relationship of education to our democratic structures and the larger questions makes him an excellent mentor.’
      • ‘His approach to such problems is painstaking, thorough, open-eyed and receptive.’
      • ‘It's an open-eyed, courageous and really unparalleled in its extent, reaction to those experiences.’
      • ‘By taking this blend and making it work for archaeology a breath of fresh air is injected into the discipline: the CAPS abound with fresh, open-eyed pioneers whose enthusiasm is unfettered by stereotyped attitudes.’
      • ‘The Stigmatization of Saint Francis (Richard L. Feigen and Co., New York) shows an open-eyed visionary and presents a broader view.’
      • ‘Much of the commentariat does get off lightly from life's troubles, and this is a serious moral issue; but it can't be hijacked for use by those opposed to the Iraq war to award themselves brownie points for open-eyed moral integrity.’
      • ‘If there is an open-eyed person around, he will be able to tell right away that the practitioner is in this mental state and hit him with the incense stick, dispersing all clouds and fog.’
      • ‘It dwarfs the homuncular male figure, moving open-eyed and stubble-cheeked into the dark night of death, emblematized by a sweep of black wash.’
      • ‘She had that open-eyed look that had made me trust her from the start.’
      • ‘Jesse's urgency comes through his resignation to a life that he fell into open-eyed, but heart resistant.’
      • ‘We should not go as pontificating crusaders, but as thoughtful, open-eyed counterparts.’
      • ‘I appreciate your knowledge and open-eyed perception, but get together with physical groups of people who will make their voices heard on tv, radio, internet, etc.’
      • ‘Carey describes the father-son relationship with great dexterity and open-eyed tenderness.’