Definition of opacify in US English:



  • Make or become opaque.

    with object ‘milk-glass opacified with arsenic displays a fiery opalescence’
    ‘if the cavity opacifies, you should consider a fungal ball’
    • ‘The normal gallbladder (without stones) becomes opacified after the ingestion of iodinated contrast tablets.’
    • ‘The 11 cases were part of a series of 8000 roentgen examinations, in which the esophagus was opacified as an essential requirement for the conclusive diagnosis of right aortic arch.’
    • ‘Catheter shapes vary from flush catheters that opacify large vessels to selective catheters that can be introduced into branch vessels.’
    • ‘Thrombosed AVMs may not opacify during angiography and may only be recognized as areas of avascular mass effect or very subtle arteriovenous shunting.’
    • ‘In conformity with the 16 th-century recipes, the opaque white glass is coloured and opacified by small tin oxide crystals within a glass which is rich in lead.’