Definition of oof in English:



  • Expressing discomfort, as from sudden exertion or a blow to one's body.

    • ‘Radley gave a small oof as they managed to get him against the stale hay mattress.’
    • ‘With a loud thump and the inevitable oof, the tourist was free.’
    • ‘She rebounded off the surprisingly hard girl and landed on the floor with a muted oof.’
    • ‘I'll call you every other day and email you all the time and - oof, sorry.’
    • ‘I know a place on earth we can go, if you guys can - oof!’
    • ‘Wendy lost her train of thought as the cab curbed sharply, making her stomach wince - oof.’
    • ‘She closed her eyes, trying to make it all go away and force herself awake, when she ran straight into a soft something that went oof!’
    • ‘Now, listen, boys, if this is about that time on Kumar, I've already said that I had no idea those fruit would be toxic, and even less idea that you'd be quarantined for so long while they cleaned you up, and - oof!’
    • ‘‘I think you could have thought of some other way to check other than punching me,’ he said with an oof.’
    • ‘I had to use one, but when I opened the door - oof, the stench was terrible!’
    • ‘Well you see he has some issues with some guy and we have some and - oof!’
    • ‘My name's Gilgamesh, and I'm new in these parts - oof, hey, don't squeeze me so hard, Lacy!’


Natural exclamation: first recorded in English in the mid 19th century.