Definition of ontological in US English:



  • 1Relating to the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being.

    ‘ontological arguments’
    • ‘In this chapter I examine one of the most fundamental of all ontological distinctions: the distinction between universals and particulars.’
    • ‘Hartmann was an ontological realist who had moved away from idealism under the influence of Husserl's Logical Investigations.’
    • ‘The placard reinforced the ethical, ontological and epistemological premises on which Browne's work is based.’
    • ‘The basic ontological question is simply, what is music?’
    • ‘Platonism is the intellectual understanding of the ontological status of the good.’
    • ‘Wharton searched in religion and philosophy for answers to pressing metaphysical and ontological questions.’
    • ‘Ontological dependence is a relation - or, more accurately, a family of relations - between entities or beings.’
    • ‘But exile also means his understanding that the ontological and fundamental condition of man is always to live one's life alone.’
    • ‘Along the way, she considers the ontological paradox of self-invention and quotes Foucault.’
    • ‘First, the religious concepts violate certain expectations from ontological categories.’
  • 2Showing the relations between the concepts and categories in a subject area or domain.

    ‘an ontological database’
    ‘an ontological framework for integrating and conceptualizing diverse forms of information’
    • ‘In the past, most online ontological systems were by necessity assembled by information specialists.’
    • ‘For example, the logical breakdown that a news broadcast organization might use for its news items: World, Sports, Politics, etc., is ontological.’
    • ‘Documents/data are encoded into an ontological database and represented as a graph in the database linking contextual entities to find patterns and anomalies in context.’
    • ‘There are just too many pages to navigate, and the customer may not use the same vocabulary you do, so both search and ontological approaches may lead to nothing but frustration.’
    • ‘Coherence, stability, and resistance to inconsistency and ambiguity are desirable ontological model characteristics.’
    • ‘Work on ontological categories has attracted interest in information science and the biomedical sciences, where ontologies are used to organize the knowledge represented in information systems.’
    • ‘Our ontological classification scheme provides actionable hormonal treatment strategies for all subtypes of human breast cancer.’
    • ‘As a result, the linguistic and ontological framework underpinning his analysis is a mess.’
    • ‘Who decides how information is classified, what the ontological map of a topic (like solar energy) should be?’