Definition of onside in US English:


adjective & adverb

  • (of a player, especially in soccer or hockey) occupying a position on the field where playing the ball or puck is allowed; not offside.

    • ‘Free kick from the right, and the Swiss comically attempt to play the Croatians offside, the result of which is most of the Croatian team left most definitely onside and with only Stiel to beat.’
    • ‘They did plan his dismissal in the second innings though, having noticed his tendency to scoop the ball to the onside uppishly.’
    • ‘The Cowboys seemed to remember this and went onside on their very first kickoff chance for opening day 2001.’
    • ‘But what his manager would have given for him to be half a yard onside, rather than offside, when Craig Burley drilled a low shot goalwards in the 84th minute.’
    • ‘If he is nearer the centre line than the last defender then attacking players nearer to him may appear offside and players further away may appear onside, and vice versa.’
    • ‘Few people can say that they really understand the change that permits a player to stand in an offside position at the start of a move and then be in an onside position to score at its climax.’
    • ‘The strike was ruled out for offside but television pictures later confirmed the Arsenal player had received the ball in an onside position.’
    • ‘Marvin Robinson, played onside by Wayne Jacobs, licked his lips and gobbled up the invitation by smacking it by Paul Henderson.’
    • ‘The Frenchman had been played onside by his old team-mate Silvinho.’
    • ‘Strings popped up and I was surprised there was nobody from Wales around me because they would be onside from a breaking ball like that.’
    • ‘He said Fowler was definitely onside for the first goal and neither he nor his players had any offside issues at the time with either of the other two goals.’
    • ‘An offensive tackle blocks down on a defensive tackle, the onside guard, in most cases, blocks the outside linebacker, and the fullback kicks out on the defensive end.’
    • ‘He probably would if he got the ball and was onside at the same time.’
    • ‘As the kick was about to be taken the two designated players then ran back into onside positions to await any ‘bits and pieces’ that might develop.’
    • ‘Even when we managed to score an early goal in the league cup semi final second leg at Anfield, it was ruled offside. It was so onside, we would have won that match and got to two finals that year.’
    • ‘After verifying the onside linebacker is not blitzing, the fullback runs a sit-down pattern about 5 yards over the middle.’
    • ‘Robbie got in behind us but there was no question that he was onside and punished us.’
    • ‘And then, down the other end, Wolff is played onside by Marquez.’
    • ‘Sometimes you get a situation when there is one defender playing you onside and it is hard to spot but in this case there were three.’
    • ‘Replays show that Scholes was definitely onside.’